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Monday, September 24, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr. Bates news letter dated 9/23, info please


I just finished reading this news letter in which Cr. Bates suggests using Ascorbic Acid for artery plaque.
My question would be:
Is this better then Fish & or Krill Oils? Taken daily
I feel taking 4 grams of ascorbic acid to begin with is a rather large amount, should I begin with a smaller dose and work up over time?

I currently take Lisinopril (which I do not like ) 2.5mg once a day.
Synthroid 12.5 mcg once a day
Klonopin .05mg twice a day

I have Systemic Lupus as well as other immune illness and would like to try alternative's instead of a doctor giving me a script to get and shoving meds down my throat.

Heart disease runs in my family, just 2 weeks ago my 32 y/o cousin died of a heart attack.... very sad.

I'm 54 y/o and want to get onto a better path...

How about Vit.C or is there a good vitamin which I should be using?

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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