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Monday, September 10, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Foods for Oral Hygiene


Foods for Oral Hygiene:

Nutritionists recommend certain foods that boost the oral hygiene and
make the teeth whitening naturally while eating the same. These foods
are also considered as teeth whitening foods and have been becoming
popular in the U S A, United Kingdom and in other parts of the world
including India. Generally, we brush the teeth with toothpaste to
maintain oral hygiene once or twice a day. But Dental experts advise to
clean the teeth after every meal; of course it is not possible for
everyone to do the same everyday and after every meal.

Here we discuss certain foods for oral hygiene that clean the teeth
naturally and improve the oral health and prevent tooth decay and
cavities. The most recommend foods for cleaning the teeth are fresh
vegetables and fruits. Fruits such as apples require lot of chewing while eating, that clean the
teeth surface naturally. Vegetables like, cucumber, broccoli,
cauliflower, carrots, celery and Peas provide the same action as that of
apples, that clean the teeth, and the fiber that is placed between
teeth function, while eating the same, acts as natural floss. These
crunchy fruits and vegetables boost the secretion of saliva in the
mouth, leaving the mouth fresh and clean.

Dental experts and Nutritionists advise to take crunchy fruits as
snacks between meals to get rid of plaque, as this provides same action
of cleaning the teeth with paste and brush after meal. These natural
foods provide good health
to teeth and mouth and improve overall general health. In general,
Doctors say, mouth is the window of overall general health, and hence
maintaining oral health is as important as maintaining overall health.

Oranges enriched with Vitamin C prevent the enamel loss on teeth, strengthen the teeth and gums, and promotes overall oral hygiene. When we eat celery, it produces more saliva that nullifies cavity causing bacteria in the mouth. Intake of apples reduces the consumption of sugar, and it strengthens gums and teeth.

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, yoghurt, stabilizes mouth PH levels, prevents the loss of enamel on teeth, produces more saliva, prevents gum disease by killing cavity causing microbes, and the presence of lactic acid prevent tooth decay, while the presence of calcium, phosphate improve oral health.

The enzyme known as malic acid found in grapes makes the teeth white and clean. Fresh green beans also keep the teeth healthy. Gargling of water after meals reduces the staining of teeth. The consumption of sufficient water is very important for oral hygiene. Just taking one or two slices of onions along with meals; kill the disease causing bacteria in the mouth due to the presence of anti bacterial property. Cashew nuts kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay as proved in the research. Wasabi is found to prevent bacteria sticking on teeth.

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