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Monday, September 17, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] GMO & Hybrid Foods


Monsanto GMO monstrosities have nothing to do with feeding the hungry.
Their GMO monstrosities have everything to do with profits and controlling
the food supply.

Eating genetically engineered (GE) foods may cause defects (imbalances)
within the human body. Because the molecules of hybrid and GE plants are
altered, it stands to reason that the molecules of the human makeup also become
altered and this altering manifests in human behavior, actions, and
thoughts in the form of defective or faulty behavior, actions, and thoughts.
Hybrids foods are unnaturally high in sugar and off in the mineral ratios.
Hybrid foods are devoid of proper mineral balance that all wild foods contain.
You are what you eat. GMO and Hybrid foods are a health risk.

Whether the pesticide is sprayed on the crop or genetically engineered into
the crop, it will eventually end up in the bloodstream. Consider the
"In 2003, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) looked at pesticides
in the blood of ordinary citizens. Of the thirty-four pesticides tested, the
average person had thirteen in his/her bloodstream, and blood levels of
chlorpyrifos (an organophosphate pesticide banned for residential use in 2001
because of its negative effects) were found to be twice as high in
children as in adults. The CDC report showed that children and women of
child-bearing age carried the heaviest pesticide burdens - which is alarming, because
pesticide exposure in the womb and during the first three years of
postnatal life has been found to lower birth weight, increase the incidence of
birth defects, and hinder normal neurological development and reproduction."


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