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Sunday, September 23, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's newsletter 9/23 -Artery Plaque


*The "Forgotten" Way To Prevent Artery Plaque (and Ignore Cholesterol) *
Always remember that Big Pharma and the Medical Profession do NOT want to
"cure" anything. There's no profit in that. Where the profit is in
getting you to keep taking drugs that are designed *NOT to cure, but to
relieve symptoms**. * Almost everybody KNOWS that high cholesterol and
triglycerides lead to "early death by heart failure.

However, this too is a myth fostered by Big Pharma and the Medical
Association. They sell millions in so called "statins" by this myth. The
reality is that statins cause many more problems than they "cure".

As a child, you and every other child needed huge amounts of calcium to
build growing bones. But, as you gradually got to your adult size, that
"need" for calcium was much less, and problems began. As in most things in
life, it takes a "right" amount of "whatever" vitamin or mineral to keep
your body in really good shape. To little or too much are both not so
good. (In vitamins too many is OK, but not so with minerals).

Calcium is in most everything including water. It first becomes blood
calcium, then transforms into bone calcium, hair calcium or fingernail
calcium, and of course it is the positive pole of the "battery" that powers
your heart. (That's primary of course.) What isn't too well known is that
to go from blood calcium to bone calcium requires many chemical steps, and
each step requires some enzyme to work. If at that point that enzyme is
missing, then the excess calcium may start to pose problems. It can cause
plaque in the arteries or on your teeth, or it might even be stored in
fatty tissue or in a lung, or deposited onto another bone as a "spur".
(Enzymes require particular vitamins or minerals and amino acids in
particular combinations).

The real problem is when it deposits into the wall of an artery. This
attracts cholesterol, and the 3 fatty acids, which builds up slowly
gradually blocking this artery. Now, open heart surgery is necessary, or
so say the Medical Profession and the Hospitals, because that's where
profit enters the picture. $100,000 is a starting cost.

Years ago, I learned from an alternate health MD that "chelation" takes out
excess calcium. A chemical (EDTA) is injected into your arteries, which
"grabs onto" (the meaning of the word chelation) calcium, and by combining
with it takes it out of the body. That procedure has never had any deaths
(open heart surgery has 2-4% death rate).

Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment don't want you to know all of
this, as it cuts their profits. and who cares how many people are killed?
Certainly not Big Pharma. You can't try a big corporation for murder, and
even a billion dollar fine is a "slap on the wrist" to these giants.

What happens is simple. The calcium is attracting AND combining with the
cholesterol and fatty acids to build the blockage, but when you take out
the solid calcium mixture, the fats simply have no anchor, and they flow
away in the blood stream.

Many of the readers of this newsletter know that I am a follower of Linus
Pauling - I've "pushed" ascorbic acid a lot to a lot of non hearing ears,
and non seeing eyes. But, since calcium has a positive pH and ascorbic
acid is negative pH, they combine to become the neutral form of calcium
ascorbate, which is water soluble and passes out of the body via kidney and
urine pathway.

As many of you know, I have been taking 4000mg of ascorbic acid daily for
several years. At 85, I should have accumulated a lot of plaque. I had
the Doppler testing of my arteries a year ago, and wasn't amazed to find
excellent blood passage thru my arteries, and I seem to have no problems
with tooth plaque either. (I never get my teeth cleaned, with good

Next, let's look at high blood pressure. Lots of profit for Big Pharma and
the MD's in that as well. What is the major cause of high blood pressure?
How about plaque in the arteries? If there is any blockage, the pressure
goes up. 6 years ago, I was on high blood pressure medication, not any
more. My BP is now around 120/75, and I quit the drugs 5 years ago.

At 85 years old, I have the health and activity of a 65 year old man, and
what's even more amazing, I've outlived every ancestor back to
grandparents, and I've got many years ahead of me according to my VA MD.
(Of course there's the odd truck or the world ending that could change

As everyone should know ascorbic acid (NOT the ascorbate form) takes out
all the toxic minerals (in a form such as mercury ascorbate), and it kills
both virus and bacteria "germs" in the bloodstream. I get my ascorbic acid
from Costco - 500 one gram tablets in a bottle for about $15 (4 months
supply - what a much better deal that all those drugs to do the job even
better. (I'm not even a member of Costco, so get nothing from that

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