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Monday, July 18, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's weekly newsletter digest and editorial - 7-16-2011 - Atrial Fib


Hi Phil,
Have you considered atrial fib being due to electolyte deficiencies.
Or ideed uptake problems?

From: Phil Bate PhD <drbate@bellsouth.net>
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Sent: Sat, 16 July, 2011 15:50:04
Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's weekly newsletter digest and editorial -
7-16-2011 - Atrial Fib

*Solving Health Problems Using the Unconscious Mind

Stress is a major cause of all disease, and this stress is stored in the
unconscious or subconscious mind. (Either description is the same
phenomenon.) Our egos would like to believe that our "conscious" mind is in
charge, but that just isn't the case. The unconscious mind really controls
much more of us than we would like to admit. And the stress stored there
affects us in many ways. If you can lower any of that stress, you can solve
various health problems.

Allergy stress is a major portion of stress, and in addition, allergies can
cause direct mental and physical symptoms. I have seen a case where a very
small amount of wheat caused schizophrenia in a former soldier. While many
practitioners of Neurofeedback (aka EEG Biofeedback) aren't aware of this
,NFB actually seems to cure various allergies by simply raising the SMR
brain Wave (12-15 Hz) amplitude, and that explains the tremendous success
of NFB for virtually all mental problems from insomnia to schizophrenia.
Neuroliminal Training (NT) does the same thing using subliminal messaging in
sleep therapy, and brings the cost of this type of therapy down to a
fraction of the NFB cost. In addition, to the cost factor, there are
several other advantages as well. It's easily done all at home, and that is
a huge advantage, especially with ADD to Autism cases. Other subliminal
messages that can lower stress can be incorporated which cannot be done
using NFB. Here's a "cute" way to use the unconscious mind to solve
atrial fibrillation. At 83 years of age (last year), I had had "atrial fib"
for about 25 years, and refused to use medication. Last year I thought up a
cute idea. I used my computer to play the newest one of my NT CD's at a
moderate level. I then found a metronome on the web, and played it along
with the CD at a level just above that. I set ;up the rate at 72 beats per
minute, and it played all night long with the NT CD. After two weeks, my
pulse rate was almost steady. I went for a week without the metronome, and
then repeated the same as above. Now, my pulse settled down to a steady 72
beats per minute, and my blood pressure went down to 120/70. Was the
atrial fib solved by the metronome alone, or was the combination of the new
"Special" NT CD part of the solution? Frankly I haven't any idea. If there
is anyone out there with atrial fib, how about trying just the metronome
along for a month and see what happens. If nothing, I will give ;you a 50%
discount on the Special NT CD to try both together. It worked for me.
In the case above, I simply reasoned that somehow the unconscious had
"lost" the "directions" for a good pulse rate, and the metronome simply
supplied that again, and solved the problem. Or, could it be that the
Special NT CD got the unconscious to be aware of the pulse beat? I don't
know, but what I do know is that it has worked for me with atrial fib well
over 10 years old, and greatly improved my health overall. I believe that
working with the unconscious mind is quite simple, and should not bankrupt
the family or person using it.
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been completely revamped and will go up this weekend. It is now much
simpler to use and order from. For anyone interested, we will have an
affiliate program added as well in the next few weeks. It will be available
for a 50% discount for professionals in the Alternate Health fields as well
as MD's, DO's, DC's, etc. (If you spot any errors, I'd appreciate an

*---* Phil Bate PhD - Inventor of NT Therapy NT Solves ADD-Autism,
Depression, and more


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