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Sunday, July 17, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: My daughter needs add my daughter as well...so many prayers, bad situations:


now sari, this is the alternative answers group, tell yer daughter, though things are bad now, doesn[t mean it can't get better....a good dose of reality is needed
You are getting a lot prayers. Are you aware that acidosis has been found to be a major contributor to the development of cancer? Acidosis is a condition in which your body is highly acidic, i.e. with a pH value less than 7.5. Mostly this is caused by a poorly combined diet and eating of animal products. the key to killing the cancer cells and preventing cancer is better food combining and reduction/elimination of animal products from the diet. Also reduction of intake of sugars and alcohol which as you know turn to acid on digestion. She and the family are advised to turn to a vegetarian diet. A check of the body's acidic levels after a few months will show that the body has gone slightly alkaline. and if they check for cancer again the cells will be gone. For more information buy the book
"Dr. DHMS" <dr.dhms@> wrote:If you find a Classical Homeopath around you please do contact him/her for the best ways of treatment for your daughters. Homeopathy has solutions for all incurable diseases by allopathy, if such diagnosed. Praying for your family's best

> > > I agree and I have been trying to tell her to get a second opinion

6/23/11, Maddy Bauer <maddybhappy@> wrote:
> > > What she needs, is a new doctor.

> > > My 20 yr old daughter was told that she has pre cancerous cells on her cervix
> > > and that in 10-15 yrs she will have cancer and her child will be premature if
> > > she decides to have one. This jerk scared the life out of her!!
> > > Ã&#65533;Â
> > > K. Hudson
SMetin@ <SMetin@> wrote:Thank you very much, I appreciated.
dr.dhms@ writes:
> > >
> > > I'm praying a lot for you and your family members and also request you to
> > > have treatment for the ailments also along with a charity donation to poor.
> > > These things together will bring you and your family a satisfaction and
> > > restore health for all of you.
> > > May your daughter become healthy soon!SMetin@) > Hello everyone, my 22 years old daughter Melis has hearing loss and
> > > chemical inbalance, she needs your prayers, please help, I thank you in advance
> > > for your kindness.
thinkthetaka <
> > > Sending prayers to you and your family
needsuccessarun@> wrote:
> > > > Hello,Last time I requested for prayers for my mother. She is well now. Thank
> > > you very much for your prayers. I am greatful. However, again I am in trouble as my 15 year old daughter suffered from
> > > facial nerve palsy. She finds it fifficult to move one part her facial
> > > muscles. Treatment is going on mostly physiotherapy. Kindly pray for my
> > > daughter so that this illness is cured and she becomes normal and gets better
> > > life ahead. God bless you with better health and abundence of happiness.
if you again read the whole string again...you can tell your daughters the truth about prayers, action on the other hand works better....

a friend sent this:
We've been fighting this war for quite a few decades and the misinformation
keeps churning out, I've been staying informed on some of the attacks on natural
care through this site here, among others, and a site I listed in this message.
My rep seems to think the FDA is the great savior, judging from a response I got
regarding them and the latest attack on supplements. We need to let them know
what's going on, the FDA allows so many dangerous substances through, but now
this Durbin guy put a sneak attack on supplements, making claims of dangers,
though they are far less dangerous than a lot of what the FDA allows. This issue
affects everyone, so many people use vitamins and what is called "dietary
supplements." Durbin has been on the offensive for many years. Please help?
Natural supplements have greatly improved my life! This Durbin guy, a senator I
think, seems to think the people who produce these products don't know what
they're doing. http://www.anh-usa.org/index.php /


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