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Monday, July 18, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Lyme Study: ACS 200® Achieves Complete Kill against Borrelia Bergdorferi


_Lyme Study: ACS 200® Achieves Complete Kill against Borrelia Bergdorferi_
by Lyn Hanshew, M.D.
Some of the most ill people I have tried to help have been diagnosed with
Lyme disease. Conventionally, the diagnostic and treatment options are not
good. Serological testing has been disappointing and confusing. The use of
short-term and long-term antibiotics is problematic. The alternative
approach of the parenteral use of parental hydrogen peroxide and Vitamin C has
provided improvement, but these agents are very harsh on the veins and poorly
tolerated long-term. Non-motile Borrelia by
Dark Field Microscopy
Due to the obvious and desperate need for an effective anti-Borrelia agent
and that Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200® in previous studies has been
proven to be a safe and effective anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal
agent, the following independent studies were conducted.
Independent studies performed by Dr. Robison at BYU generated the following
kill-time data using ACS 200® against B. burgdorferi. The kill-time
studies used loss of motility of the spirochetes as the kill criteria as observed
via dark field microscopy. It is important to know that the Borellia
kill-time protocol used for this test was originated by Dr. William Burgdorfer.
B. burgdorferi baseline count:
Mean number of motile organisms: 130/ field. The estimated volume of 1
field is approximately 3.4 x 106 ml. Therefore, the starting concentration of
the B. burgdorferi culture was approximately 3.8 x 107 organisms/ml.
ACS 200 Time No. motile organisms 1.5 min 17 4 min 1 6 min 1 8 min 0
PSS Time No. motile organisms 1 min 11 4 min 10 6 min 3 8 min 10
Since a 1:10 dilution of the culture was performed in both the test and PSS
control suspensions, the number of live organisms observed after 8 minutes
in the PSS control was about 77% of that expected.
After years of extensive research, ACS 200® has now been shown to achieve
complete kill against Borrelia Burgdorferi in only 8 minutes. These test
results represent a significant feat as the Lyme disease associated
microorganism is extremely difficult to culture, test and kill. Most of the B.
burgdorferi motility ceased after about 4 minutes of exposure to the ACS 200®
solution. No motility was observed after 8 minutes of exposure. Dr. Burgdorfer
described similar in vitro testing results using a colloidal silver
preparation. He surmised that silver disables the enzyme(s) used by bacterial,
fungal and viral agents for their oxygen metabolism causing them to suffocate
upon contact. There have been reports of elimination of late-stage Lyme
symptoms using colloidal silver preparations. This data provides the
scientific basis for using ACS 200® as an effective anti- Borrelia agent. In the
clinical setting, many practitioners currently prescribe ACS 200® to their
Lyme patients with excellent outcomes. Adding Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ)
nano® to reduce toxic body burden is a very powerful adjunct to the ACS
200® protocol. When taken together, these two products are highly effective
in broad treatment.
_Read complete article, "Lyme Study: ACS 200® Achieves Complete Kill
against Borrelia Bergdorferi"_

Patient Case Studies
Fourteen Pre and Post-provocation Patient Case Studies are now viewable,
documenting the effectiveness of the ACZ nano® / ACS 200® combination in
reducing toxic body burden.
_http://www.resultsrna.com/research/acz_nano_patient_1.php_ (http://www.resultsrna.com/research/acz_nano_patient_1.php)

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