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Thursday, July 28, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Lung Infections and Eucalyptus Blue


I've been experiencing some of this type thing going on in the air above
and beyond the chemtrails and radiation etc.

[259] June 13, 2011 – KOLKATA, India – The city is in the
grip of a viral fever that has affected thousands, including many in
Ballygunge, Alipore and parts of central Kolkata. It has been leading to
high fever accompanied by a severe lung and chest infection, often
causing severe respiratory problems. Experts have been taken by surprise
by the late outbreak of this viral epidemic which usually occurs during
change of seasons. The new virus is far more potent and different from
the ones that have struck in previous years, said doctors. "This one has
been attacking the respiratory system which makes it more risky.
Patients have been suffereing from severe breathlessness along with an
intense joint and muscle pain. Many are also falling prey to secondary
bacterial infections. There have been several cases where malaria has
been detected in these patients as well," said Tomonash Bhattacharya,
tropical medicine expert. Typical symptoms of the viral attack has been
a dry cough, followed by high fever and joint pain. From the third day
onwards, patients have had a severe lung congestion with respiratory
trouble. The fever has not been subsiding before a week leaving victims
too frail to resume normal activities. "It is the reactive phenomenon
that has been causing the joint and muscle pain. Anti-bodies triggered
to fight the virus is responsible for this. But it still remains unlcear
how the respiratory tract is being affected so severely. We encounter
new strains every year and this one seems to be an alteration of its
previous avatars," said Debashish Basu, preventive medicine specialist.
Use of anti-biotics has been ruled out by doctors. –

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