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Thursday, July 14, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] can color therapy give total healing for depressed ppl (also treated by doctor)


Hi all, wish anyone can help or have knowledges for this matter :

I'm concerning for two friends who are actually good persons and good hearted ones. and hopefully if we & i can help total healing by color therapy for them, then means also can help LOTS MORE PEOPLE who may have same problem as theirs.

So my 2 friends they're already medicated by psychiatrist by had gone some counsellings & given routine daily medicine to keep them healthy state. 1 ever had serious depression, the other 1 ever had paranoia over voices.

i do wish for they can no more have to depend on clinical medicines any longer even forever, but they shall be forever get healthy brain, for their happy & healthy life with self & with anyone connected to them.

looking forward for your suggestions or anything, thanks before

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