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Sunday, July 17, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: What's the natural remedy for pre-cum problems


Hi there,

Your marital vigor is influenced by the foods you eat. In paticular, your endocrine and sex glands are biological laboratories which need power foods in order to influence the state of sexual health.

Your glands are directly responsible for sexual activity. Most of your body's functions are influenced by these glands. When you nourish your glands with power foods, they are able to release an abundant supply of hormones and other secretions that energize and activate more than just your libidinal impluses, but your general well-being, emotional and physical, as well.


A trace element, zinc, is a power food that is able to supercharge the endocrine gland network and create a rich release of hormones that can warm up the entire body and melt the so-called marital coldness.

Power of Zinc - this mineral reportedly is able to energize the sex glands to help cause maturity of the reproductive organs, boost sperm motility, decrease prostatitis and normalize hormone release. The prostate and prostatic secretions in males and the normal ova in females are high in zinc, A zinc deficiency will lead to partial atrophy of the sex-influencing glands and to premature aging. It is zinc that dispatches an enzyme known as acid phosphatase to influence a healthy libidinal drive in both male and female through glandular activation.

Sources of power foods

Herring, milk, beef, beef liver, peas, whole grains. Also include a zinc food supplement daily.

Power seeds - shelled pumpkin and sunflower seeds are highly concentrazed sources of zinc. When you eat these power seeds, you release the important mineral that influences hormone production. Eating several cups of seeds daily will do much to keep your glands functioning actively to help you enjoy power sex.

Sesame, cultivated for thousands of years,is often named in ancient Middle Eastern and Oriental writings as powerful virility food. Sesame is a highly concentrated source of lecithin, the substance that is an essential component for hormones, especially those of the male. Also sesame has a high supply of magnesium together with potassium, which help erasse "tiredness" and create a feeling of youthful desire in male and female.

Hope this natural remedy will be helpful to you.


Ramesh G.Nair

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