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Monday, July 18, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] H. pylori and ACS 200


H. pylori and ACS 200
Contrary to popular belief, ulcers are not caused by stress or spicy
foods, but rather by stomach infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
This bacterium is the culprit in nearly 80% of stomach ulcers and in more
than 90% of ulcers in the duodenum, the first portion of the small intestine.

In the Western world, up to half of all people harbor H. pylori in their
stomachs, as do even more people in undeveloped countries. While infection
with H. pylori often causes no symptoms, it can cause gastritis, or chronic
inflammation of the lower stomach wall. This in turn results in increased
acid production from the non-infected upper stomach, which creates favorable
conditions for the erosion or ulceration of the mucosal lining in the
stomach or duodenum. About 10-15% of individuals infected with H. pylori will
eventually develop peptic ulcer disease.

When the upper region of the stomach is also infected with H. pylori, the
resulting inflammation sets the stage for stomach cancer or a specific type
of stomach lymphoma. Eradicating H. pylori is therefore important not only
to avoid ulcers, but also to lower the risk of developing malignant tumors.

Conventional treatment for ulcers and H. pylori infection has focused on
long term dosing of antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria. As is to be
expected, H. pylori often develops resistance to antibiotics, thus rendering
treatment ineffective. Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200 is efficacious in
eradicating H. Pylori without destroying the protective normal flora of the
gut. With documented rapid, complete kill, it is impossible for pathogenic
organisms to develop resistance to ACS 200.

1. Kusters JG, van Vliet AH, Kuipers EJ. Pathogenesis of Helicobacter
pylori infection. Clin Microbiol Rev. 2006 Jul;19(3):449-90.

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