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Friday, July 29, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Phoenix doctor links household products to women's health conditions


It bears repeating that we are all toxic but now this bright naturopathic
doctor includes sources that most patients have never considered as
contributing to their impaired health and even to breast cancer. Once patients see
there is no escape they may be more compliant with the lifetime continual
detoxification program I recommend including the use at least once a day of
my "Power Drink" containing my Beyond Fiber, my Organic Green, BioEn'R-G'y
C, and MACA.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute


Phoenix doctor links household products to women's health conditions
: 07/10/2011
•By: Kimberly Cheng

A Naturopathic physician in Phoenix says household products may be linked
to a number of women's health conditions.

Dr. Marianne Marchese says household products may be linked to a number of
women's health conditions, and she put those findings in her new book 8
Weeks to Women's Wellness.

According to her book , the average person can store hundreds of chemicals
in the body.

One of her patients Sarara Corva tells us she believes common household
items may have contributed to her breast cancer.

"The bodies aren't designed for chemicals like that and we have so many of
them," Corva said. "As Dr. Marchese says there's a toxic burden and
overload that happens."
Many of us use these items everyday, including shampoo, lotion, hair dye,
makeup, cleaning products, and plastic food storage containers.

"Eventually a little bit of that chemical, a little bit of this chemical,
they can build up in your body," Dr. Marchese said. "These chemicals we use
on a daily basis are very estrogenic and they can mimic hormones in a
women's body. Through scientific studies and my clinical experience, I've seen
them linked to women's hormonal conditions."

Marchese says new research shows these chemicals can be linked to
conditions such as breast cancer, fibroids, and infertility.

Some of the most prevalent toxins include:
•Parabens, found in many beauty products.
•Pthalates, found in plastic containers.
•Solvents, found in cleaning products.

Marchese recommends:
•Using beauty products which are paraben free, fragrance free, and alcohol
•Do not use plastic containers. Use glass instead.
•Switch your cleaning products with non-toxic products found in some
health food grocery stores.

The American Cancer Society now says there have been traces of parabens
found in cancer patients, but the tests don't show how the parabens got
there. Basically, it's not clear if parabens are indeed linked to cancer at this

When it comes to toxins you've already been exposed to, Marchese
recommends going on a detoxification diet. This includes eating certain fruits and
vegetables which will help your body cleanse itself of toxins.

She suggests broccoli, brussel sprouts, and pomegranate. Marchese also
said going into the sauna or steam room is a form of hydrotherapy and will
help your body naturally dispose of toxins.

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