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Thursday, April 19, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Why Are People Overweight?


While researching celiac disease and malabsorption, I have come across some enlightening causes of obesity and overweight that are rarely talked about by the media or medical community.

1) Systemic inflammation - If a person has an immune response to a dietary trigger, gluten for example, he will become inflamed. Basically the immune system works to kill and remove what it thinks is foreign. That reaction produces inflammation and results in fluid retention. Millions of people, 10% or more of the population, is estimated to suffer from food sensitivities that cause immune response and inflammation.

2) Nutritional deficiencies - A recent Egyption study discovered mothers with functional deficiencies were 80% more likely to be overweight. Why? Certain deficiencies lead to fluid retention and/or weight gain. Also, a body that is deficient, due to malabsorption, parasite or some other condition, will crave foods to satisfy the deficiency.

3) Malabsorption leading to dumping - If a person does not absorb nutrients in the small intestine, (we see this in celiac disease where the small intestine is damaged by an immune reaction to gluten), then the undigested nutrients "dump" into the colon where billions of bacteria work to ferment the nutrients to extract energy. The energy is in the form of short chain fatty acids that can be quickly absorbed by colonocytes, the cells lining the colon. The vitamins, minerals, etc. are not absorbed. The end result is a person who is fat and malnourished.

People crave because they are starving. Doctors look at an overweight person, including themselves, and think they are fat because of lack of will. But we must ask why would a child crave soda or candy? Or better, why does the child crave energy? The likely answer is the child needs some nutrient he is not getting. If the diet does not contain enough nutrients, or the child has some type of malabsorption disorder, he will be chronically deficient. Malabsorption does not mean a person doesn't absorb anything. Certain places along the intestine may be compromised, so some nutrients may be absorbed in different places while nutrients that are usually absorbed by the compromised location are not.

The news reports how many health problems obesity causes. But, since the medical community fails to recognize malabsorption, it fails to uncover the underlying health condition that leads to the obesity. Poor nutrition due to poor diet OR malabsorption. They get the poor diet part, but miss the malabsorption part.

John Libonati

Tel. 215-591-4565

"Recognizing Celiac Disease"
The Complete Guide to Recognizing, Diagnosing and Managing Celiac Disease

There are people with glandular conditions but they are a small percentage.
Most people are overweight because of eating fast foods, too much fat and
sugar in there diet. Little activity and exercise, and overeating. They
eat while sitting in front of a TV or playing computer games for a long
period of time. Too many of todays children are obese. In the old days children
were outside playing getting exercise. People were healthier in the old
days. Now in todays society people do not walk, they will drive. They will
even drive to a place 2 blocks away. The overweight want a magic pill for
weightloss or go for cosmetric surgery. It is a unhealthy lazy society in the


In a message dated 4/17/2012 8:19:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
hmforlovers@yahoo.com writes:

In fact, the more we learn about mankind and their fantastically
complicated systems and thoughts, the more aspects we must take into
account. Adequate it to say, there is no one cause of overweight, and no
one solution.
What causes overweight and obesity? Is it just unnecessary eating or is
it a glandular problem?

However, maintaining our power consumption healthy with our result can
be suffering from many aspects, such as genetic cosmetics, fat burning
potential, consequently (glandular problems), and healthy, public,
racial, financial, and cultural aspects.

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