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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Macadamia Health Benefits


Macadamia Health Benefits:

Macadamia nuts are originated from Australia, that belongs to the family
of proteaceae and scientifically known as macadamia integrifolia.
Macadamia nuts posses good flavor, delicious and tastes sweet. Macadamia
tress grown and found in wild tropical and subtropical regions of
Australia, Brazil, America, Hawaii islands and in other parts of the
world for its nutritional and health benefits. Generally macadamia trees
grow taller and begin to produce fruits that contain nuts after 7 years
of age.

Generally seven varieties of macadamia trees are found, out of which two
varieties of macadamia nuts are edible, which is being cultivated
around the globe. The two varieties namely, macadamia tetraphylia which
produce nuts encased in rough shells and macadamia integrifolia produce
nuts encansed in smooth shells. Macadamia nuts harvested during summer
season, and the nuts are conically shaped and found inside white kernel
or shell.

Macadamia health benefits include; macadamia nuts are hearty friendly
due to the presence of mono unsaturated fatty acids like palmitoleic
acid, oleic acid which reduces LDL and enhances HDL cholesterol levels
in the blood, it prevents Coronary Artery disease, improves heart
health, reduces blood pressure, along with the presence of antioxidants.
Macadamia nuts are enriched with selenium, which reduces risk of heart
disease and cardiovascular disorders and this mineral acts as co factor
for the production of enzymes called glutathione peroxidase, which
improves the function of cardiovascular system.

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