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Monday, April 16, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dowsing for People & Pets


Whether aware of it or not, we are being affected by invisible energies
twenty four hours a day. These energies may come from the earth, memory of
trauma held in your home, business or land, from electrical appliances, or
the people around you.
Thoughts and feelings (good and bad) from the previous occupants, visitors
and from you, remain in your home as 'emotional residue.' Just like
rooms visibly collect dust and dirt, there is invisible energy that accumulates
all around you. As we all know, we must vacuum and dust our homes on a
regular basis. It's also necessary to clear the energy of your space.
Everything consists of energy. Each and every thought, deed, action and
experience we have produces a vibration or energy pattern. Dowsing can be
utilized to assist us to heal and enhance our health and wellbeing. As humans,
we consist of energy and surrounded by an energy field called the Aura.
Our Aura sometimes has blockages, tears or disturbances caused by many
negative influences during our lives and we are out of balance. This results in
feelings of irritability, depression, melancholy, insomnia and more. With
the use of a pendulum or dowsing rod, blockages can be discovered, removed
and cleared in the Aura, restoring balance and wellbeing. Our positive
intentions and connection with Source facilitates the healing and once the
blockages are cleared our body is able to naturally regenerate and heal itself.
Absent or distant healing energies can be sent to loved ones and friends by
way of the pendulum or dowsing rod and through prayers. The Universal
Energies bring healing to all.
In the old days dowsing rods were forked wood sticks. There are L rods and
Y rods. Dowsing L rods can be made from metal coat hangers or brass or
copper wire, or copper-coated. The wire should be 18 inches long, and the last
5 inches should be formed into an L-shape. The last 5 inches is the
handle. Pendulums also work. First hydrate yourself by drinking pure water, then
clear and calm the mind, relax the body and mind. You must not be strongly
attached emotionally to the outcome, or allow personal desires to get in
the way. If so, your rational, everyday ego consciousness will likely
over-ride your intuition. In the beginning, it helps to speak your intentions out
loud to your subconscious mind. Later on you can say them silently. You
must be precise, specific, positive and affirmative. Ask the rod to show you
a yes movement answer and then show you a no the movement (it will
indicate left and right). Hold one rod in each hand and ask it a question or
repeat a intention to yourself. If looking for negative energy take very slow
steps around the area, it will show negative energy when the rods either
swing apart or the rods will cross. Then state your intention of clearing the
negative energy and bringing forth positive energy.

For health: You can take an anatomy book and holding the pendulum in one
hand, run your finger over a body part or body area (for human or pet). Ask
"Do I have a problem in this area?" Or use it on checking vitamins,
supplements, medications, food.

You can use the pendulum over a map and ask where is the best place to
move for your highest good.

As a fun experiment have someone bury in your yard something like a rubber
ball in the dirt without knowing where is is buried. Then look for it with
your dowsing rods.

You can create any kind of chart for pendulum dowsing or look up for free
dowsing charts.


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