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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Detox through foot soaks....


Wow, I never heard of the other things you mentioned. When you say moderation what exactly does that mean? I was thinking of trying this for my autistic daughter but I'm not sure if it would be a good idea b/c if I move around the metals in her body they can settle somewhere else in her body and cause problems somewhere else. I already give her epsom salts baths for the magnesium. Do you know more about the EO's? Thanks :)

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> Its an Ionic foot bath. I believe it works. People get different results. The different colors in the water after the soak mean different things as it cleanses different body systems. For example black specks is supposed to be tobacco. Like anything else it should be used in moderation. Other ways to cleanse and purify the body is applying essential oils to the feet.. Different oils do different things. Also another foot soak that is inexpensive is Borax 20 Mule Team. In warm water for 10 minutes and then add epsom. Salts to another pan of warm water for another 10minutes. This hekps get out radiation and other environmental toxins and then remineralizing.
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