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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Skin Cancer


There is a very good mushroom combination called "My Community" - Host Defense by Fungi Perfecti that you should be using.  There are 17 different mushrooms in it, and they all kill various kinds of foreign cells (cancers).  One in particular will kill skin foreign cells.  It is Phellinus Linteus.  I have used this on a client and it eliminated it completely.
Dr Laskonis

From: mundorf54498 <mundorf54498@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 11:21 AM
Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Skin Cancer


hi, would any one that has experienced the burning of facial
basil/squemol cell cancer know what to put on it to cool the 'burning
' and pain ? thanks for any good advise, laura

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