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Thursday, December 15, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: friend dying from ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease)



1) Attempt to have him tested for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. It's a blood test. http://glutenfreeworks.com/gluten-disorders/celiac-disease/diagnosis-and-testing/

2) No matter the result of the test, remove gluten from his diet: wheat, barley, rye, oats.

3) Perform a comprehensive cellular nutrition panel. Spectracell laboratories is the only company that provides this test. You can read about it at http://glutenfreeworks.com/nutrition-testing. (Disclaimer: We sell the test, but his doctor can order it directly if his insurance covers it.)

Rationale behind suggestions:

Gluten can cause ALS. Here is a paper from the American Journal of Neuroradiology that describes white matter lesions in the brain resulting from celiac disease. The lesions improved after the introduction of a gluten-free diet. Yes, the patient recovered. http://www.ajnr.org/content/31/5/880.abstract

Chronic malabsorption or malnutrition (whether or not the person looks malnourished) results from celiac disease and is a contributing factor in most diseases, so comprehensive nutritional analysis is necessary and should be performed for all chronic diseases. Unfortunately, it isn't.

I can almost guarantee his doctor will not believe any of this unless you print out and hand him the medical study. The typical thought process is, "I never heard of this. Diet has nothing to do with it. You don't know what you are talking about." He will then give you a plausible explanation for not investigating. Why do they do this? We have no idea. There are reams of documented medical studies and case reports from around the world that contain this information.

We have witnessed thousands of recoveries including seemingly miraculous recoveries from terminal diseases.

Good luck,


John Libonati

Tel. 215-591-4565

"Recognizing Celiac Disease"
The Complete Guide to Recognizing, Diagnosing and Managing Celiac Disease

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