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Saturday, December 24, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Parsley Nutritional Benefits


Parsley Nutritional Benefits:

Parsley is one of the best medicinal herb and it is widely used for garnishing the food, and it is small herb that is similar coriander leaves with coriander flavor, and it provides potential health and nutritional benefits when added to the food as it is rich source of folates and iron and other flavanoids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Parsley vegetable is regarded as best healing and nutritious food, and it provides vibrant and delicious taste. Parsley is a wonderful nutritious spicy herb, which is available throughout the year.

The following vital nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin K and antioxidants or flavonoids like,epigenin, luteolin, crisoeriol and apiin and volatile oil substances, namely eugenol, limonene, alpha-thujene, myristicin are found in parsley. In addition to these it also consists of Proteins and amino acids, soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, carbohydrates and traces of sugar, sodium, fatty acids, and other traces of minerals and Vitamins, which all contribute to promote good health and prevent many disorders.

Parsley Nutritional Benefits include, Volatile oil known as myristicin blocks the formation of cancer cells particularly in lungs and it activates the enzyme called as glutathione-S-transferase, which eliminates free oxygen radicals, due to this activity found in parsley it is called as chemo productive food. The presence of luteolin prevents the damage to cells that caused due to oxidation, augments oxygen carrying capacity and clears off free oxygen radicals. The presence of other flavanoids and antioxidants, carotene, beta-carotene together with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, prevents arthrosclerosis, prevents osteoarthritis, asthma, colon cancer and also provide relief from common cold and flu.

Parsley Nutritional Benefits
The other health benefits of parsley are, it regulates blood glucose levels, prevents rheumatoid arthritis, due to the presence of rich content of beta carotene along with water soluble fats and Vitamin A. The presences of rich source of folic acid counter the effects of homocysteine that causes damage to the blood vessels, thereby improves cardiovascular and heart health. Parsley also provides relief from degenerative osteoarthritis due to the presence of rich content of Vitamin C.

The Flavonoid, luteolin not only relieves stress of oxidation in cells but also improvise metabolism of carbohydrates and provides relief from inflammation along with Vitamin C. It improves bone health due to the presence of Vitamin K, which is essential for synthesis of osteocalcin. The presence of Vitamin A strengthens mucus membrane and improves eye health, prevents gastro intestinal disorders, provides relief from respiratory and urinary infections. The presence of eugenol with its antiseptic and anesthetic properties, it prevents gum's disorders, and the rich content of dietary fiber prevents constipation.

To sum up the potential health benefits of parsley, it prevents diabetes, it promotes heart health, it boost up immune system, it prevents tooth decay, it provides anti inflammatory effect and relieves pain in joints, prevents arthritis, prevents osteoarthritis, it prevents cancer, it improves metabolism and increases appetite, and provides relief from many other related health disorders.

To conclude, parsley is used as garnishing the food items and salads and recipes, and it should be included in the food for its nutritional and medicinal values. Parsley as it is a leafy vegetable it should be added to the diet as and when available to get optimal health benefits.


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