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Thursday, December 22, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] SIP’s Highlighted Divine Events for the Rest of 2011



Join Andrew Aloha "Live"
For the following Divine Events for the rest of 2011!
@ The Sedona School of Temple Arts
2945 Southwest Drive (Behind Crystal Magic in West Sedona)
Check SIP's Divine Events page for more details!
(Click Here!....)

ThuNite, 22 December 2011
6:30 – 7:45 pm
The 1st of an 11 Week Film Series
Beginning with "Chasing a Good Day to Die"
By the Oklevueha Native American Church of ISTA
$7 Suggested Donation

FriNite, 23 December 2011
Promptly @ 5 pm/Show Starts @ 7 pm
"Dessert Evening Fundraiser For The Sedona School of Temple Arts
(Silent Auction, Raffle, Christmas Desserts & More)
& "Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled"
with Lorae Lauritch, Monica Ruiz, Julieanne Parkinson, Lynda Kala and
Neil Baker
$10 Suggested Donation

Sunday Afternoon, 25 December 2011
2 - 4 pm
A Special Christmas "Transmission Meditation on the Air"
with a special message by Maitreya Buddha

ThuNite, 29 December 2011
6:30 – 7:45 pm
The 2nd of an 11 Week Film Series
By the Oklevueha Native American Church of ISTA
$7 Suggested Donation

FriNite, 30 December 2011
7 – 8:30 pm
"Live From Sedona"
An Innerview with Ken W. Christian Ph.D.
Of Max Potential
"Free Entrance"

SatNite, 31 December 2011
Registration Starts @ 5 pm
"2012 New Year's Eve Intimacy Activation"
Pot Luck, Champagne, Raffle Drawings, & Intimacy Icebreakers
Relationship/Psychic Party Session & Snuggle Party
Guided Intentions Puja for 2012
"2012 Meditation & Activation"
Sarong Attire (Suggested & Optional)
$75 (Couples)/$55 (Singles)
(VIP Packages Available Upon Request)


Sunday Afternoon, 25 December 2011
Noon – 2 pm
An Indian Christmas
Full Vegetarian Feast & Movie, "Jesus in India"
@ The Sedona Vedic Cultural Center
3270 White Bear Road (Next to the Sedona Library)
RSVP @ (928) 204-4455
$10 Suggested Donation

MoNite, 26 December 2011
5:30 & 6:30 pm
Monday Nites with Seva Khalsa
Kundalini Body Process & Relationship Week
@ The Sedona School of Temple Arts
2945 Southwest Drive (Behind Crystal Magic in West Sedona)
$5 Suggested Donation

SatNite, 31 December 2011
7 pm – 12 am
Sedona's New Year's Eve Bhakti Fest Party
Bhakti Dance, Vegetarian Dinner, & Movie "The Golden Avatar
@ The Sedona Vedic Cultural Center
3270 White Bear Road (Next to the Sedona Library)
RSVP @ (928) 204-4455
$20 Admission

Join us, you'll be glad you did.....awesome!

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BlogTalkRadio] <http://lnk.ms/6wQwY>
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Talent @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIPs_Golden_Age_Aloha_Talent

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Join Andrew Aloha "Live" with "The Golden Age Music
Show" the 1st Sunday of the Month, 7 – 8:30pm, MST. The 1st
three callers to make a song request win a "Free" album signed by the
artist/s. For more go to:

Join Andrew Aloha "Live" with "The Golden Age Channel
Panel" the 1st Friday of the Month, 7 – 9pm, MST. Connect with
various Saints, Masters, Enlightened Beings on the other side as we talk
to individuals who bring them forth as an extension of their essence.
For more go to:

Join Andrew Aloha in "Live From Sedona" as I/We innerview people
from all walks of life including authors, musicians, psychics, political
figures, ufologists, scientists, etc. most Sundays of the Month, 7 –
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www.spiritualimageproductions.com/LiveFromSedona <http://lnk.ms/50TJd>

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Show" the 3rd Friday of the Month, 7 – 9pm, MST. Get in on
"FREE" mini readings. For more go to:

Join Andrew Aloha "Live" in "Intimacy, Tantra, and Relationships
Psychically Fulfilled", an online Tantra Session every 4th Friday of the
Month, 7 - 9 p.m. MST. For more go to:

Join Andrew Aloha "Live" for a Special Full Moon & Christmas
"Transmission Meditation on the Air", Monday & Sunday, 12th & 25
December 2011, 2 – 4pm
For more on "Transmission Meditation on the Air" go to:

For more on Andrew Aloha & SIP go to:
SIP's Golden Age Aloha Tours <http://lnk.ms/KffTR>
SIP's Golden Age Private Party Sessions <http://lnkd.in/6MaRcg>
SIP's Golden Age Membership Club <http://lnk.ms/H7xWt>
"SIP's Divine Calendar" <http://lnk.ms/5b5w7>
SIP's "Divine Events" <http://t.co/EjLKHma5>
SIP's "Live From Sedona" <http://lnk.ms/50TJd>
SIP's Divine Newsletter <http://lnk.ms/58rXV>
"The Golden Age Music Show" <http://lnk.ms/9vyQS>
"The Golden Age Channel Panel" <http://t.co/5nuVu2kt>
"The Golden Age Psychic Show" <http://lnk.ms/BtFCW>
"SIP's Golden Age Online Prayer Circle"
"The Revolutionary Golden Age Healing Extravaganza"
"Intimacy, Tantra, and Relationships Psychically Fulfilled"
"SIP's Transmission Meditation" <http://lnk.ms/5KG4c>
"SIP's OnDemand Radio Shows" <http://lnk.ms/5b5qv>
SIP's "SIP's Conference Calls" <http://lnk.ms/B5l4c>
Andrew Aloha's Travels <http://lnk.ms/Ccy5q>
SIP's Underwriter Corner <http://lnk.ms/6wgn9>
SIP's Monthly Stats <http://lnk.ms/6S5xQ>
"The Golden Age Psychic Show Meetup" <http://lnk.ms/D4RL4>
"Andrew Aloha's SoulGarden TV" <http://lnk.ms/D4QW4>
"SIP's BlogSpot" <http://lnk.ms/D4PT6>
"Andrew Aloha's Linked In" <http://lnk.ms/FPxNR>
Andrew Aloha's YouTube <http://lnk.ms/4KxM6>
Andrew Aloha's Facebook <http://lnk.ms/G43Fg>
Andrew Aloha's MySpace <http://lnk.ms/5b601>
Andrew Aloha's Twitter <http://lnk.ms/4KxTh>


Andrew Aloha

Thank you to the following for underwriting our show:

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Born out of the Soviet space industry, Revitalized Water, the product of
30 years, and billions of dollars of Russian research is believed brings
about more the science of water together in one product than any other
water available today. The well-defined, perfect crystal shaped water
enables rapid absorption and usefulness by our cells. Thus, the
increased osmotic drive created by imprinting the water with a high
amplitude frequency that assists the cells with a healthier foundation
for nutrient uptake and release of toxins, speeds up the delivery of
nutrients into the cells and potentially increases your energy.

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Neil Baker @ www.neilbakerpsychic.com <http://www.neilbakerpsychic.com/>

Neil tunes into your vibrational energy and translates it using his
talent as a gifted psychic. He believes that one must get to the core of
a specific issue in order to present understanding and course of action
to follow. He tunes into the content of your soul and evaluates it in
terms of past life events or present life circumstances. Or, whether
what's happening now is connected to a past life. From there, he
determines even deeper layers of information that reveal meanings behind
our present connections and their ultimate outcomes.

Kenneth W. Christian Ph.D. @ www.maxpotential.com

Kenneth W. Christian Ph. D. is a licensed psychologist who has been
helping others remove limitations and maximizing their potential. He
founded the Maximum Potential Project, whereby psychology has come up
with precise answers as to exactly how people go about making big
lasting changes. It's a formula. And it's always the same. You get real,
get ready, get going and lock in gains. He is also author of "Your
Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement" and
has been cited in Psychology Today, the Financial Times, Selling Power,
Investors Business Daily and the Dallas Morning News to say the least.

Amalia Camateros @ www.earthspiritwisdom.com

Amalia Camateros N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor who has worked in the
field of health and consciousness for over 25 years. She has been the
private health practitioner for the renowned Australian band called
"INXS" for over 6 years. She is also a Transformational Teacher,
Shamanic Healer, Dance Workshop Facilitator, Ceremonialist and Wisdom
Guide who inspires us to reconnect with Earth and our own body as a
sacred temple of Living Spirit. Additionally, she is author of the book
"Spirit of the Stones", which is a doorway into the

Monica Ruiz @ www.psychicmediummonica.com

Monica Ruiz recently began her profession as a Psychic, Medium & Master
Reiki Healer in Houston, Texas. Although she's been accustomed to
this activity since she was three years old when she literally saw a
ghost, or boogey-man, in her grandmother's closet. In her spare time
Ruiz also works as a Nurse.

Sedona Temple School of Temple Arts @ www.sedonatemple.com

The Sedona Temple and School of Temple Arts Cultivates Sexuality &
Conscious Education for Practitioners, Teachers and Members across North
America. It is available for commercial use and is where Spiritual Image
Productions will be conducting most of its activities at, along with
ongoing events. Drop by and give us a visit, particularly during our
"Live" show presentations. Share some Love, Intimacy and Kodak moments
with us at 2945 Southwest Drive, Sedona, Arizona. Check SIP's Divine
Calendar & SIP's Divine Events, or the Sedona Temple's events page for
local functions, times and dates.

Laura C. Brown's Successful Spirit Summit @

The Successful Spirit Summit is an innovative new ethical, collaborative
marketing strategy-packed event geared specifically for the Healing Arts
community. The full-fledged weekend event will teach you every element
of creating and maintaining the marketing of a successful healing arts
based business…..perfect for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, healing
arts, spirituality and wellness based entrepreneurs! The next conference
will be the first week in April 2012. Check out the website for more
information and mention Andrew Aloha for your discount on ticket

Julianne Parkinson @ www.skillwho.com

Tantra Yoga practitioner, Julieanne Parkinson offers you powerful,
holistic support, thereby empowering all aspects of your life including
mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual, in order to bring
you greater understanding, awareness, healing, love, joy and pleasure.
She is certified and skilled in the areas of Tantra Massage, Therapeutic
Massage, Life Coaching and Couples Tantra Workshops, with over 14 years
in the business. Her exercises and practices include special breathing
and sound techniques that can be used to control, intensify and/or
prolong pleasure.

Dawn DelVecchio @ www.thehealersway.com <http://www.thehealersway.com/>

Dawn DelVecchio Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker and
self-empowerment coach. She's the author & host of
DawnDelVecchio.com, where she shares insights, tips and practical tools
for living a life of joy and abundance. Her eBook, "The 7 Keys to
Unlock your Soul's Purpose" is a simple guide to connect with
your truest calling in this life. Dawn's intent is to "Help
people unlock the door to their soul's calling so they can live in
the joy and abundance they were meant for."

Chrystal Chilton @ www.crystal-vision2010.webs.com

Having been on numerous radio/television shows, paranormal
investigations and press interviews, Psychic-Medium Crystal Chilton has
been at this profession since she was fifteen years old when she first
discovered her ability. She resides in Hampshire, England and bought her
own house at the age of 21 from the earnings she received from doing
readings. Thereafter she began working for various prominent psychic
lines in England since. In 1996, she also successfully helped lead to
the arrests and convictions of eight murder cases, with two more pending
at the moment. She has done well over 120,000 readings since she began
her career.

Mia Davies @ www.miadavies.com <http://www.miadavies.com/>

Build an Online Income in under 90 Days! Over the past several years Mia
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