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Saturday, December 24, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's Weekly Newsletter - 12/24 Artificial Sweeteners

Dangerous Artificial Sweeteners

I learned some years ago that Aspartame (Equal in the blue packets) kills
fire ants very quickly. I was plagued by huge hills at times and they
spread all over quickly. I open a few of those blue packets and sprinkle
the contents over the ant hill and in 24 hours all the ants are gone. It
also kills all other ants as well. I use it with Boric Acid to control
pests in Florida without dangerous pesticides.

If it's that toxic to ants, how toxic is it to us?

There's a building body of evidence about the bad side-effects of diet
drinks containing Aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal). Several years ago, Dr.
H. J Roberts (of West Palm Beach FL) wrote the first book (I think) about
the dangers of Aspartame. He detailed several side effects, particularly
chronic headaches that he had seen in his MD practice. That book "Aspartame
(NutraSweet) : Is It Safe?" is available in both hard and soft cover.

Another book about Aspartame is: "Story of Aspartame : Shocking Expose of
the World's Most Controversial Sweetener" by Mary Nash Stoddard is also
available from Amazon.com.

Since the NutraSweet patent has now expired, Aspartame is coming out in
lots of other forms.

It has been reported in several papers that the Aspartame in diet soda
breaks down into formaldehyde if stored in "hot" temperatures. Formaldehyde
is a very toxic chemical that can cause cancer, birth defects and it has
been suggested that it may be a causative factor in the Gulf War Syndrome,
as well as Alzheimers and senility.

A 12 year old schoolchild Jennifer Cohen of New Jersey did a science
experiment for school involving Diet Coke. She tested three sets of Diet
Coke for two months:

1. Refrigerated in home refrigerator.
2. Stored at room temperature in home.
3. Stored in an incubator at 104 degrees.

The results were interesting to say the least. The independent lab that did
the actual testing found that the soda at room temperature had the highest
level of formaldehyde, four times that of refrigerated soda and three times
more than the incubated soda. This would seem to indicate that the extreme
heat of the Persian Gulf in which huge amounts of diet (and other) soda was
stored was not the problem, as has been theorized. However, the storage of
the diet soda at many varying temperatures from the manufacturer, to a
warehouse, to a military warehouse, to a freighter or other transport to
the Gulf certainly had to take relatively long periods at various
temperatures. So, Aspartame may still be considered a suspect for

In my own case, when I started reading about Aspartame, my late wife and I
talked about diet drinks and we decided to stop drinking them. There were
two effects immediately that were noticeable:

1. Sunny (my late wife) immediately felt better overall, had less
headaches, although she has to be careful about corn products - she has a
sensitivity to corn and it's found in different forms in all sodas,
including diet types.
2. I found that my short-term memory and my over-all memory improved
quite a bit within a week of quitting. I can tell by watching Jeopardy. If
I know that I know the answer, but can't remember it, my memory is not so
good. If my mind comes up with the answer right away, it's improved. That's
the way I tested Gingko Biloba and the results there taught me that I
should be taking it.

Fortunately, while we were sailing around the Caribbean, we couldn't afford
diet drinks, so we made our own. Squeeze out about 4-5 key limes (available
in almost every island cheap) and put that into a gallon of water along
with saccharin tablets (about 15 1/2 grain). This makes a very weak limeade
drink that is not only delicious, and healthy, but it satisfies thirst
better than any other drink except water.

Unfortunately few people are aware of the dangers of Aspartame, but many
people still believe that saccharin is "dangerous" because of the "cancer
warning" that is still on some saccharin bottles. This "scare" was because
some stupid researcher tested rats on saccharin in dosages 1000 times more
than would be "normal" for a human in the same weight/size ratio. Further
testing by many laboratories has since blown this "cancer scare" right out
of the water. Saccharin is much safer than any other sweetener. It can
leave an slight aftertaste which many people don't like, but in limeade, it
doesn't seem to.

Aspartame has been around for a several years and the evidence is growing
more and more of toxicity. Saccharin has been around for nearly a century
and the evidence is growing less and less of any toxicity. Few researchers
of any stature think that saccharin is at all dangerous now. Saccharin is
the one in the red packets.

There is another confusion factor in all this. In the packets of dry sugar
like sweeteners, both Equal and Sweet & Low use dextrin as a filler. This
is corn starch and since many people have an unknown allergy/sensitivity to
corn products, this can cause headaches as well. So, there may be a double
whammy for those few persons who are allergic/sensitive to corn and
Aspartame. If you are allergic to lots of things, I would certainly advise
you get off diet drinks.

By the way, there's even growing evidence that most people DON'T lose
weight by switching to diet drinks from regular sodas. To lose weight that
way, switching to the seltzers and other no calorie drinks like our limeade
may be a help.

The latest information as of February 2010 is that the FDA (controlled
completely by Big Pharma) has actually allowed Aspartame to be re-labeled
as a "food supplement" placing it as "harmless". Money talks again over

Splenda, the newest artificial sweetener is possibly the worst of all for
your health as it exchanges an oxygen molecule for a chlorine one. There
gave been several lawsuits and both Coke and Pepsi have lawsuits concerning
deaths, and the story I heard was that this is the reason they allowed the
FDA to permit the use of Stevia. Splenda is the one in the yellow packets,
and is also known as "Sucralose".

There's a study by Duke University that shows Splenda/Sucralose
"suppresses beneficial bacteria and directly affects the expression of the
transporter P-gp and cytochrome P-450 isozymes that are known to interfere
with the bioavailability of drugs and nutrients. Furthermore, these effects
occur at Splenda doses that contain sucralose levels that are approved by
the FDA for use in the food supply." IMO, this artificial sweetener may be
the most dangerous of all.

Since Coke and Pepsi have stopped objecting to Stevia, it is still "not"
officially "approved" (because the FDA cannot as they were (and still are)
controlled by Big Pharma and Big Food? In a large vitamin store near to
me, I find a whole assortment of real "diet" sodas using Stevia, and the
price is not much higher than Coke or Pepsi.

The same is true of Agave, and both Stevia and Agave are now considered
safe. There are many "new" products that are available that are much safer
because they use either Stevia or Agave, and more and more recipes for
various "sweets" available on line and in newer cookbooks. I've found
several by simply Googling whatever recipe I want.

While on this subject of "sweeteners", a mention about "High Fructose Corn
Syrup". The corn industry is now doing ads on TV that lie in saying
"Sugar is all the same, and corn sugar is the same as cane sugar. Corn
syrup has been indicted as a cause of diabetes, and since it is cheaper
than sugar, it is used in most candy and other sweets, but in my opinion,
plain old cane sugar is much less dangerous to health. As a low level
diabetic, I avoid foods that use as much as possible.

*From Natural News:*
Did you know there's a new "super broccoli" (non-GMO) that contains extra
cancer-fighting medicine!


Here are seven ways to end joint pain and halt gout using the healing power
of cherries:

2012 is nearly here. Is it a Mayan calendar doomsday prophecy? Or just a
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It's official: Even the EPA now admits that fracking causes severe chemical
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It's official: Even the EPA now admits that fracking causes severe chemical
contamination of groundwater:

The Green PolkaDot Box company now delivering organic and non-GMO groceries
at discount prices straight to consumers.


Four more deaths have been reported from Gardasil vaccine injections:


Now a court judge in Canada has ruled that SSRI drugs can, indeed, cause
children and teens to mindlessly commit acts of violence against others:


Another great myth that's ritualistically propagated this time of year is
the flu shot myth.

*From Dr Mercola:*
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From Alliance for Natural Health:
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From Newsmax Health:
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I hope you and yours have a a happy holiday season, as well as hoping that
something in the above helps you and yours. Alternate (drug less) Health
is gaining all the time, and exposing Big Pharma's tricks and deadly
advertising, and MD's and DO's are beginning to question the lies they've
believed in. We are having an effect.

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