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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: I Am The Happiest Man Alive This Thanksgiving! How About You?


Very interesting, it has been done to me & my family, I remember some time in end of August 1989, both me & my mother, who ended up on a trip to Michigan with my brother, and I stayed back in Queens, NY -- we had both severe diarrhea (I mean severe, unexplained, no poisoning) and I had felt a whittling feeling like being churned around & I said I bet it is these EMF's electro-magnetics these people were using on us, due to the subject of the book that I was writing.

There were times when they were beaming these various rays, & you could not go to sleep, no matter how much you tried.

Thank you for your post.  It's all part of TESLA's tech, the HAARP, as there is also Psychotronics derived and connected  with it.  I feel that these are Inferior gene pool in-human beings, & they need to experiment, just as the GMO foods is experimentation by these inferior or poorly put together beings.

Nikola Tesla, the Serbian super brain, is basically behind our Modern tech.
He was a vegetarian for the last 55 yrs. of his life.  A Christian Serbian Orthodox.  And I believe the direct descendent thru the Holy Family (Joseph's lineage) of the Ancient Judeo-Levites.
He is thru all probablities also the descendent of wise King Solomon + of DAVID as well, as the Slavs are MOST PROBABLY those Hebrews that exited out of Jerusalem + Israel, in 745 to 722 b.c. during the Assyrian invation, over the Caucasus pass into Russia & Slavic domains.  Then again, we moved out of Israel, having become a Den of Thieves at the time of Christ's murder.  The Lord Jesus-Christ is the SAVIOR of the world & the Messiah predicted in Isaiah 53rd & Isaiah 63rd chapter, who was murdered (bloodied as mentioned in Isaiah 63rd chapter, some 750 yrs. prior).  By then Israel + Jerusalem had become the FIELDS of EDOM.  The Edomites are descended from the twin brother of Jacob who intermarried many Hamites & Japhethites.
Prof. Shlomo Sand from Israel, has written a book "The INVENTION of JEWISH PEOPLE" in 2009, calling them Prozelytes, or those that "converted" in every country that these other Prozelytes passed thru, which is exactly what Christ has called the Pharisees.  Also False Jews in Revelation 2:9 + Rev. 3:9.
Since the TRINITY is GOD, the proof is in the fact that the Original LEVITES are in fact descended from Son No.3 to JACOB, for the Trinity, as they were the original Spiritual Leaders in Israel, & not the kings until much later.  There are 3 parts to the Temple, to the Tabernacle, 3 things encased in the Ark of the Covenant, all for the Trinity.  I am the Father of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob = is for the TRINITY.  In the beginning of the Bible, the Lord ELOHIM (plural) speak to each other "LET US create Man in OUR IMAGE".  Isaiah 6:3 "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY" is also for the TRINITY...

Other demographics moved into Israel, thus became Religious Jews, without being the lineage of the Hebrews.  It has to do with the pH, as we have a much milder pH that the Acidic foreign stock that moved in.  Of course there were millions of our White young women & babies, abducted by all concerned including the Vikings, Turks & what I call Edomite-Khazar "Jews" who thought that they were the direct descendents of the Hebrews, but are really multi-ethnics & multi-racials who grabbed Millions of our  Young women & white babies,  to raise as their own.  Which is what is the majority of today's White "Jews".  Descended from the Abducted SLAVIC stock, the original Blood Hebrews.
We were also trafficked by the same to the tune of 40 million (mostly Turks with the Edomite "Jews" out of Turkey), which sealed their fortune.  Moses forbade Human Trafficking, but not keeping of "Slaves" or servants, who by the time 2 or 3 generations passed, were incorporated anyway, & called Hebrews... So really it was nothing evil about it, as other nations were doing horrendous things with slaves & servants, & everybody wanted the protection, & thus moved into the Hebrew-Israelite areas, of the beautifully ordered Hebrew lifestyle, that the Lord was the originator of thru the Levites.

The Vikings used to grab our Young White couples (never children) from the 5th century up till the 12th or 13th centuries AD, to re-populate their dying demographics due to a bad diet of Fish & fish oils, & hunting fares.  Then the Turks took over for the Edomites, who almost overnite settled in Turkey after that famous Battle of KOSOVO in 1389.  It was over HUMAN TRAFFICKING rights for the Best Looking & healthiest Whites, unfortunately for us, but predicted in Zechariah 14:2.  The theft & abductions of our Children + Babies is predicted in Isaiah 49th chapter.  Infertile Edomite-Khazars-Egyptians (the way they were stealing Hebrew babies when Moses was born too, & killing others as well) have done this to us for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  In 2005, around 500 newborns disappeared out of 1 city, our Belgrade, Serbia alone, going where?  The sterile couples in Israel & Hollywood, etc. wherever these people who are rich in today's means,
but don't forget that they are also spliced-ups from earlier incursions & abductions.

We being the healthiest specimens of Whites we had followed the Diet prescribed to us by Moses + Aaron the Levitical leaders in original Israel, for at least 3.500 yrs.  This is something that cannot be erased or taken out of the DNA or the bloodline.  We are also the only ones who can do EMBROIDERY in all of Europe + the world, as the Bible plainly states "My people doeth intricate Embroidery" ~ It has to do with an Alkaline Diet (basically a Plant-based diet) that the Original Hebrews followed, low in meat by-products.  This way you can see the Fine Points to do Embroidery, if you have good eyes, you need to be more or less Alkaline in blood.

The SLAUGHTER or the Holocaust of the SLAVS to the tune of 100 to 150 million in the 2 World Wars, is the real reason for both world wars.  Since by doing that, they stopped us from inheriting any of the royalties from Nikola Tesla's techs (& his Serb nephew Nic Terbo).
But the Bible talks about a NEW JERUSALEM, & we will finally inherit the fruit of our labor, & our children will return to us, it says...soon to be.  They even have TESLA's Time Machines, that I firmly believe is predicted in Prophet Daniel's "knowledge will be increased & TRAVEL To + Fro" meaning in Space, as well as in Time.  That is the Judahite tribe of the Lion Kings of Judah, who predicted it, and another JUDAHITE or JUDEO-LEVITE brought it about a/k/a Nikola TESLA.  Also in the New Testament we have "EYE hath not seen, nor EAR heard, what the Lord is keeping in store for them that Love him".   So that is what they are keeping secret from us, while beaming us with HAARP.

The truth is stranger than fiction...  ANYWHERE where we found ourselves, we have to stick it out till the end.

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