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Thursday, December 29, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Recipe: Brooks Mix for Psoriasis





I just gave some to a fellow this morning who has psoriasis.

I have given it to several people with skin conditions

& it has healed them...

The mix is --

75% Colloidal Silver,--

10% DMSO ( the carrier ) &

15% Glycerine.

( They say to add the DMSO last as it does heat

up, Don't worry that's OK.) You make sure your skin is clean as the DMSO

will carry what ever is on your skin into your body. ( a good wash is CS.)

Shake the mix before each use as it can separate. Apply lightly.This is

used topically... Good luck, I hope it helps... Lois DMSO group


My mother aged 65 is suffering from psoarsis skin diseases from head to
body how to prevent any medicine is there she tried many of medicnes but
not cured, now she is suffering from ulcers in stomach and mouth so not
able to eat,kindly advice any alternative treatment is there, alovera gel
can usefull for psoarisis kindly reply. I am from south� India

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