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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RE: [AlternativeAnswers] Re: Question on Traditional Chinese Medicine


Hi Lucia!

Small steps, one thing at a time. I used to set myself up for failure by
taking on too much at once, changing everything. I would start eating
differently, quit drinking soda, exercise like crazy.all at once. Never
worked, I'd be exhausted and feeling really crappy (because my body was
adjusting to things and dropping toxins too quickly).

While I was in school I was talking to my Ayurveda professor, and he told me
what I already knew.I had to give myself time. So I started with smoking.
Once I quit smoking and felt sort of OK with it, I went to soda. By then I
was feeling "ready" to quit drinking soda, I knew how bad it was for me and
hated that I was 'hooked.' So I stopped drinking soda, and it actually went
really smoothly. The difference was I was already through the nicotine
addiction before I started dealing with caffeine/sugar withdrawls.which made
all the difference in my success rate.

So don't get discouraged, just do a little here and there. Every day, or
once a week, or whatever your "schedule" tells you, change something else.
Quit a bad habit or pick up a new healthy one.but give yourself time to get
through it before you undertake the next change.

Most importantly, if you slip, don't beat yourself up. I quit smoking four
times over 10 years. Just be persistent, eventually it will "stick." :-)

What's that adage, life is not in the destination, but in the journey?
Enjoy your trip to a healthy and beneficial lifestyle!

Shannon Brese

Editor in Chief/Project Manager

<http://www.medicinetalk.org/> www.medicinetalk.org

The greatest wealth is health.



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Hello Shannon,
Thanks for the reply. A change in life style has been on my mind lately, but
I cannot get a hold of it. Am working on it, though.
Best wishes,

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