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Friday, June 24, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: foot pain


That's the kind of thing I was wondering about -- thank you! Especially since it's not a constant pain.

I tried EFT "tapping" once; yeah, I should do it every day, or many times...

--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, Colleen <isis_az@...> wrote:
> Joy, as a believer in the body-mind-emotions connection, I've noticed over the
> years that stubborn physical conditions often indicate trapped emotions in the
> energy system, for humans and animals.  
> May I suggest, based on what you wrote, that the foot pain may have originated
> with the sandals but the lack of healing is caused by:
> - Right side location = fears about work, money, job, business, school
> - Foot pain = fears of not feeling safe walking a painful Life Path, that the
> bad times won't end
> Many emotional release techniques exist to clear these fears, either on your own
> or with professional help.  
> A friend had severe foot pain; her doctor told her it was her age (60's) and
> flat feet, said she had to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of her life. My
> friend released the emotions from severe trauma that happened right before the
> foot pain started and two weeks later she was pain free. She's now wearing
> sandals again, a thankful relief from orthopedic shoes in Arizona's 115F heat.
> I've also cleared my foot pain via emotional release methods... they really
> work!
> Wishing you extreme healing success in whatever method you choose,
> Colleen Flanagan (fan of authors on this topic like Louise Hay, Deb Shapiro,
> Donna Eden)
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Joy Rex
> To: alternativeanswers@ yahoogroups. com
> Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:29 AM
> Subject: [AlternativeAnswers ] foot pain
> OK, I give up -- this is obviously not going to just go away.
> About a year ago, I got a new-to-me pair of cute Crocs sandals, and
> wore them to take the dogs for a long walk. Started noticing that the
> right shoe forced my middle toes up in a strange way, but didn't take
> them off, walked all the way back home.
> I ignored any discomfort for awhile, but it kept getting worse, going
> to the back right side of my heel. Kept taking walks, and it kept
> getting worse, even making numb spots in my leg. Started curling
> those affected toes, which stopped the numb spots, but the pain in my
> heel just keeps right on going. Sometimes it doesn't hurt, sometimes
> it's really very bad, pulling painfully with the slightest tension as
> I push off for a step, with those toes. Sometimes blasting with pain
> as I sit with the foot not even touching the floor.
> Massage makes it feel better in the moment, meditation didn't change
> it; I'm going to keep taking turmeric (anti-inflammatory) to see if
> that'll help...
> Any hints?
> thanks
> Joy
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