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Thursday, June 23, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] RE: foot pain


Joy, as a believer in the body-mind-emotions connection, I've noticed over the
years that stubborn physical conditions often indicate trapped emotions in the
energy system, for humans and animals.  

May I suggest, based on what you wrote, that the foot pain may have originated
with the sandals but the lack of healing is caused by:

- Right side location = fears about work, money, job, business, school
- Foot pain = fears of not feeling safe walking a painful Life Path, that the
bad times won't end

Many emotional release techniques exist to clear these fears, either on your own
or with professional help.  

A friend had severe foot pain; her doctor told her it was her age (60's) and
flat feet, said she had to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of her life. My
friend released the emotions from severe trauma that happened right before the
foot pain started and two weeks later she was pain free. She's now wearing
sandals again, a thankful relief from orthopedic shoes in Arizona's 115F heat.
I've also cleared my foot pain via emotional release methods... they really

Wishing you extreme healing success in whatever method you choose,
Colleen Flanagan (fan of authors on this topic like Louise Hay, Deb Shapiro,
Donna Eden)

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From: Joy Rex
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Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:29 AM
Subject: [AlternativeAnswers ] foot pain

OK, I give up -- this is obviously not going to just go away.

About a year ago, I got a new-to-me pair of cute Crocs sandals, and
wore them to take the dogs for a long walk. Started noticing that the
right shoe forced my middle toes up in a strange way, but didn't take
them off, walked all the way back home.

I ignored any discomfort for awhile, but it kept getting worse, going
to the back right side of my heel. Kept taking walks, and it kept
getting worse, even making numb spots in my leg. Started curling
those affected toes, which stopped the numb spots, but the pain in my
heel just keeps right on going. Sometimes it doesn't hurt, sometimes
it's really very bad, pulling painfully with the slightest tension as
I push off for a step, with those toes. Sometimes blasting with pain
as I sit with the foot not even touching the floor.

Massage makes it feel better in the moment, meditation didn't change
it; I'm going to keep taking turmeric (anti-inflammatory) to see if
that'll help...

Any hints?


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