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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Joanna Macy and Larry Korn - Permaculture and Regenerative Leadership Certification Program


Hello friends,

We're deeply honored to announce an incredible course with Larry
Korn (www.larrykorn.net) and Joanna Macy (www.joannamacy.net) at
the stunningly beautiful Hidden Villa (www.hiddenvilla.org) --
combining Urban Permaculture Design, Regenerative Leadership and
The Work That Reconnects.

"Common Circle's Permaculture Design course was a genuine heart
and mind opening experience. If you are interested in finding
how you can be part of the life giving earth healing solution
in today's global ecological and social crisis this course
gives you an in depth and extensive overview of what it takes
to make it happen. " - Jessica M, Course Graduate

-- More info @ http://www.commoncircle.com/pdc --

Join an unforgettable program in leadership, permaculture and
sustainable design in California with the world's most renowned
instructors and change your life, your community and your
planet. Not only do Common Circle Education courses offer the
most complete curriculum of any similar course, but the people
who come to the programs make this the most powerful leadership
training offered anywhere.

What: Permaculture Design & Regenerative Leadership Certification
Who: Larry Korn (www.larrykorn.net)
Joanna Macy (www.joannamacy.net)
Where: The incredible Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills, California
see www.hiddenvilla.org to get a sense of the
incredible retreat site where we hold these life-
changing programs!
When: October 23 - November 4th

-- Sign up before July 16th and bring a friend FREE! --
-- or come by yourself and take $1000 off tuition --
-- Payment plans as low as $200/month available! --

-- More info @ http://www.commoncircle.com/pdc --

During the workshop, we will talk about:

* Smart nature-inspired design principles
* Rainwater catchment and storage
* Greywater - smart water re-use with plant filters
* Food forests & garden design for food abundance
* Eco-psychology and Regenerative Leadership
* Intentional community design and dynamics
* Bio-remediation and toxic waste cleanup
* Natural building design - cob, strawbale and more
* Soil biology and regeneration
* Sustainable transportation and fuels
* Green business and sustainable economics
* Natural patterns and principles
* Everything you ever wanted to know about plants and soil!

"My experience in the course was invaluable. I find myself with a
new permaculture lens that I can put on at will, and see the world
around me in a way that I feel leads to making more conscious
decisions and living better in harmony with the earth."
- Deborah F., Course Graduate

This course will combine critical design skills with leadership,
nature connection, and most importantly an urban focus, building
and exceeding upon the internationally-recognized Permaculture
Design Certification curriculum. Our programs offer by far the
most complete curriculum of any similar course -- with a huge
focus on leadership, personal growth and community design as well
as green business.

You'll learn how to create sustainable, thriving human systems,
from green houses and organic gardens, to local micro-economies
and communities, using sustainable design principles that are
applicable to every human system, from businesses, communities,
and cities to personal relationships.

"The experiences I have had and people I have met through
Common Circle has been life changing. On these trips, a
community is created and everyone's individuality is honored,
welcomed and celebrated as you work together each day to
prepare meals, confront issues large and small and discover
how each and every one of us can be the change that we wish
to see in the world." - Marlee F, Course Graduate

Because of our unique focus on Urban and Suburban solutions,
our courses are radically different from most other programs,
teaching permaculture as a design science rooted in nature.
With most of the world's population in cities, we must
meet people where they live with real sustainable solutions.

-- Sign up before July 16th and bring a friend FREE! --
-- or come by yourself and take $1000 off tuition --
-- Payment plans as low as $200/month available! --

-- More info @ http://www.commoncircle.com/pdc --

Starting by learning the lessons from nature with some of the
world's most renowned organic farming experts, we will then look
at how to apply what we learned from the soil and the water to
building sustainable, lasting institutions.

Common Circle Education is the nation's ecological design and
sustainable living school with courses in Oregon, Hawaii and
California; our instructors are some of the most well-known
leaders in sustainability, organics and permaculture design.

We hope you will be able to join us for this incredible,
life-changing experiential course!

Much gratitude,

Vladislav for Common Circle Education

common circle education
14525 sw millikan way, suite 17760, beaverton, or 97005

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