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Saturday, March 10, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Whey Protein Health Benefits


Whey Protein Health Benefits:

During the production of cheese, whey protein is obtained as end
product, which posses high content of essential amino acids chain among
all the natural protein source of foods. Whey proteins are purified form
of amino acids or proteins, considered as vital dietary component. Most
of the people are of the opinion that whey proteins are only for body
builders, but this notion is wrong because proteins occupy significant
place in the diet, for all the people and essential for all metabolic

Proteins play significant role in the body building and termed as body
building blocks as it comprise both vital and non-vital amino acids, and
it is one of the significant nutrient required by every individual, to
be taken daily for maintenance of good health. The important functions
played by proteins in the body are, it repairs cells in the body, and it
rejuvenates or repairs bones and muscles, regulates metabolism and cell
metabolism and provides energy for the body to carry on physical and
physiological activities.

Protein foods are classified into many groups according to presence of
fat content, the presence of amino acids, the rate of absorption and
digestion, taste it posses, and purity of proteins present in the food
products. Whey proteins or otherwise purest form of protein with good
and high quality content of all vital amino acids, and it could be
easily absorbed by the body. Nutritionists and Doctors termed whey
protein as super ingredient and it is recommended for sports nutrition,
infant nutrition, to boost immune system and for weight loss.

Whey protein health benefits include; whey protein derived from cheese,
curd and cow's milk are considered best protein because it is
soluble, doesn't stick to veins and arteries, easily digested and
absorbed, so it is recommended as best source of diet for children and
infants. Healthy diet should include the food products which contain
whey protein that contain low calories and low in fat source.
Requirement of proteins varies as per physical activities, age, weight,
of the people. Whey protein comprises of richest source of naturally
available chain of amino acids namely, valine, leucine, isoleucine.
Concentrated and isolated whey protein supplements are available in the
market. Nutritionists recommend whey protein as per the need of the
people. Isolated whey protein is best for all but concentrate form whey
protein are recommended for sports persons and body builders.

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