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Thursday, March 15, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Formula, probiotics, intestinal problems and infants


Hello dear group,

My nieces 2 mo old baby boy is having troubles. She stopped nursing him completely after breastfeeding combined with formula since birth. Her milk just would not come in completely in order to fulfill the baby. She tried a few different formulas, not sure how much time she allowed for the baby to get used to each before trying another, but he is having troubles with constipation, cramping, gas and bubbles in tummy. We know he is in pain at times. He will go several days with out having a bowel movement and when he does, the consistency of the bm is hard like clay, smells bad because has been in his intestines too long.

What advice can anyone give for this problem? What is the best formula to give, can he be given probiotics for good bacteria for his intestines? I showed her how to do colon massage and stimulation on him and the day I did this, he did have a small bowel movement a couple hours after I finished doing the manipulation. Is it recommended to give infants spring water at all? She has heard that water can harm the baby? Sounds odd, but we dont know.

We would appreciate any help with all this. You can also email me or send post for all to see--doesnt matter--I would appreciate any help from anyone.

In wellness, Teri from Calif.

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