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Friday, March 23, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Ridge gourd Health Benefits


Ridge gourd Health Benefits:

Ridge gourd is very popular, versatile and edible vegetable that
occupies the prominent place in day to day cooking in Indian kitchens
for its well known health and nutritional benefits. Ridge gourd is
popularly known as Chinese Okra or Sponge gourd in China. Ridge gourd
is called by various names such as dodka, beerakai, peerkangkai, turai
and turiya in various languages in India. Ridge gourd is supposed to be
originated from Arabic countries and now it is grown, found and
cultivated commercially throughout the world and it has become very
popular edible vegetable in Asia, Arabic, India, and in other regions
of the world.

Ridge gourd is otherwise called as Luffa, tori and Loofah in Asia and
Arabic countries and it is botanically called as Luffa acutangula and
belongs to the family group of Cucurbitaceae. Generally this vegetable
should be harvested before it is fully matured and added as vegetable
in the diet. Ridge gourd has dark green color on exterior side with
ridges, and spongy white flesh in the interior side with white seeds.

Ridge gourd comprises very low content of fats and its good source of
dietary fiber with zero cholesterol. It is enriched with all essential
Vitamins that include Vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, and good content
of cellulose. It consists of minerals like, magnesium, iron, manganese,
zinc and traces of other minerals. Ridge gourd comprises alkaloids,
peptides, charantin, low saturated fats, intoxication, purification
properties, and rich content of water.

Ridge gourd health benefits include; due to the presence of high
content of dietary fiber, water, low saturated fats, and zero
cholesterol, it is an ideal source of vegetable for the people who want
to lose weight. As it also provides low calories, it helps to weight
loss. Ridge gourd seeds, dry crusts, and its powder could be used as
remedy for treating jaundice. The juice prepared from ridge gourd also
used for the treatment of jaundice, because it purifies blood,
strengthens liver function, nourishes and restores the normal function
of liver, and provides relief from intoxication. Due to the presence of
peptides that produce similar action of Insulin hormone, charantin and
alkaloids, ridge gourd aids to regulate blood glucose levels, improves
metabolism, reduces glucose levels in urine and stabilizes insulin
levels in the blood, thereby it is very helpful for diabetic patients.

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