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Friday, March 30, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] "Saving a Million Hearts", 3/30/2012, 12:00 am

Reminder from:   AlternativeAnswers Yahoo! Group
Title:   "Saving a Million Hearts"
Date:   Friday March 30, 2012
Time:   All Day
Location:   Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott
Notes:   Saving a Million Hearts: "Ask the Experts" Forum Anticipating New Directions in Cardiovascular Medicine
Do you have questions about chelation therapy that you want to discuss in the company of experts? We want to help you discuss and evaluate burning controversies in this area of medicine. We also want to know what interventions have worked most effectively in your experience to quickly reverse symptoms and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.
We have planned free-flowing panel discussions with ample time for your questions and comments over one full day moderated, by L. Terry Chappell MD. Come hear about the best alternative practices by leaders from around the nation.
Topics on the agenda include Phosphatidyl choline, IV magnesium, Myer's cocktail, diet and exercise, Viscosity, Fibrinogen, Platelets, Hyaluronic acid, MCT, coconut oil, Vitamin C for Lp(a), CRP-sensitive treatment, Allergies and CV disease, Best monitoring tests, Arginine/Lysine, Arterial age and risk, and EDTA chelation protocol and variances.

With your help we can do a fantastic job toward saving a Million Hearts.

Facilitator: L. Terry Chappell, MD is a family physician with 35 years of experience, with special emphasis on preventive and nutritional medicine since 1978. Dr. Chappell has cultivated his interest in ways to help people function better without totally relying on drugs and surgery. A graduate of University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Chappell has established a worldwide reputation as a leader and teacher of complementary and alternative medicine. He has served as President of the American College for Advancement in Medicine and the President of the International College of Integrative Medicine.

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