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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Rajma beans Nutrition


Rajma beans Nutrition:

Rajma beans are otherwise called as kidney beans, dark red in color
with the shape of the kidney, it retains its shape at the time of
cooking with other vegetables, and the white variety is known as
cannellini beans. All the varieties of beans are supposed to be
originated from the country Peru, now it is spread all over the world,
it is being cultivated commercially by United States of America, India,
China, Indonesia, Brazil, who are the largest producers of beans, and
it is grown and found in other parts of world.

Rajma beans are fully loaded with amino acids and proteins, in addition
to these; it consists of carbohydrates, dietary fiber both soluble and
insoluble, fatty acids, and minerals like magnesium, molybdenum,
potassium, sodium, copper, iron, phosphorous, and Vitamins such as
Vitamin B complex constituents, Vitamin K and other traces of essential
vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Rajma beans nutrition and its benefits; rajma or kidney beans are
enriched with both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, fat free amino
acids, molybdenum, and proteins, it regulates digestion, regulate
glucose levels, lowers cholesterol levels, thereby prevents diabetes
and hypertension, improves metabolism, prevents constipation, provides
relief from diverticulosis and IBS. The consumption of one cup of
kidney beans fulfills half of the requirement of dietary fiber per day
approximately. The presence of magnesium, potassium, folates and dietary
fiber, improves the health of heart, helps to prevent heart strokes,
regulates blood pressure, and significantly improves cardiovascular
health. Due to the rich of content of fiber, it stabilizes glucose
levels in the blood, as it slows down burning process of metabolic
activities, it provides good energy source, it is considered beneficial
as one of the best food sources for diabetic patients.

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