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Saturday, March 31, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Blue cohosh Medicinal Uses


Blue cohosh Medicinal Uses:

Blue cohosh plant is a perennial herb with thick rhizome roots, and
grows about three feet, and produces cluster of flowers, which are
yellowish green or purple greenish during the spring season. The seeds
of blue cohosh herb are very small that looks like berries and
poisonous in nature. Blue cohosh herbs are grown and found in South
Carolina, North America, and predominantly grown and found in the
mountains of Allegheny. Blue cohosh herb is scientifically called as
Caulophyllum thalictriodes, and commonly called by other names such as
blueberry root, papoose root, blue ginseng, leontice, and beechdrop

Blue cohosh herb has twisted rhizome roots, which are used to treat
various health ailments, as it posses medicinal properties. The main
ingredients found in blue cohosh rhizome roots are flavanoids,
steroidal saponins, alkaloids, which comprises of sedative, anti
spasmodic, nervine oxytocic, anti rheumatic, emmenagogue and uterine
tonic properties. Generally blue cohosh roots are used for the
treatment of Gyneocological disorders of women. The Blue cohosh herbs
are generally grown wild in the forest regions.

Blue cohosh medicinal uses; blue cohosh herbs rhizomes roots are
collected during the autumn season which comprises of active
constituents in good proportions during that season. Blue cohosh
rhizome roots are used along with other medicinal herbs such as
Motherwort, false unicorn root for the treatment of uterus disorders as
herbal remedy. Generally, blue cohosh preparations are available in the
form of tincture, capsules, liquid extract, powder, tea and syrup in
the market. Due to the presence of triterpenoid saponin hederagenin
alkaloid, it stimulates and strengthens uterus and tones up the uterine
muscles due to the presence of methyl cytosine alkaloid with its
antispasmodic properties. Blue cohosh is known to get relief from
painful delivery process, because it stimulates the labor and makes easy

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