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Saturday, March 31, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's Weekly Newsletter - 3/31 - Mental Problems

*Solving Mental Problems

There are many roads to better health. Almost all of them are better than
prescriptions drugs and/or "your MD". I have found a combination of four
different therapies that have literally "cured" virtually every mental
"disease" known. It combines nutrition and digestion with lowering or
eliminating stress. It works so well that I can afford to guarantee it, as
it has a less than 1% return for refund.

Here's how my system works to remove stress:

First, it uses simple ascorbic acid (the original vitamin C) to take out
toxic minerals, in particular mercury or aluminum, both of which are
causing most of the autism and depression to today's world. Excess copper
is often a problem in schizophrenia. There are many other ways to get rid
of these toxins, but there are so many things that ascorbic acid does at so
low a cost. Ascorbic acid is what all animals (except we primates and a
few oddball others) are able to manufacture in their own bodies "as
needed". We cannot do this because for some unknown reason - some 65
million years ago our primate ancestors lost one enzyme needed to change
glucose into ascorbic acid, and that, dear readers is why the human race
and the apes and monkeys are much more susceptible to all disease than all
other animals.

The only problem is that, like all chemicals that take out toxic minerals,
ascorbic acid takes out other minerals, including needed nutritional ones,
so we need to take out all, then replace the necessary nutritional ones.
Yes, it's clunky, but it's all we have. Every chelating scheme does this.
(Advertising to the contrary.)

The RDA for vitamin C is 75 mg per day. That's barely enough to stave off
scurvy. Hey, what's the RDA for a 150 pound ape in the zoo. WOW - it's
4000mg. Since we have the sdame basic "plumbing" why this huge
difference. Simple, Big Pharma "owns" the FDA, and they would lose
millions in income if everybody started to take enough C.

I've been taking 4000mg (4 grams) daily for some years - 2 with breakfast
and two with dinner (saving noon for all other vitamin and mineral
supplements). Here's the results for me (and others):
No colds or flu or other viruses. No infections of cuts or wounds.
Ascorbic acid kills bacteria and virus cells in the blood, but since both
multiply by doubling every 20 minutes - it takes a huge amounts to get
"ahead" of this binary doubling. My mineral toxic levels are
"unmeasurable" with the exception of a small amount of arsenic (I don't
wash fresh fruit and or vegetables. No excess calcium building up plaque
in my arteries, so no problem with artery flow. Last, but not least,
ascorbic acid is a very powerful antioxidant, preventing cancer and other
problems in these amounts.
There's more on ascorbic acid on www.drbate.com. (Look out for ascorBATE
forms of vitamin C as they cannot remove mineral toxins)

Second, There is my Neuroliminal Training that does what Neurofeedback does
in changing brain wave amplitudes at a fraction of ;that cost (and done at
home). It actually works better than NFB as it lowers other stress than
just allergy stress as NFB does. At 85 years old, I am at least 10 years
younger in most ways than I was 5 years ago. NT is a major part of that.

Third, As an orthomolecular practitioner for over 30 years, I make sure
that I replace the nutritional minerals, and get enough supplementation of
vitamins and minerals, enzymes,amino acids, fatty acids, etc. This is the
basic knowledge that most MD's lack.

Forth, I keep my gut bacteria working very well. The digestion system is
very neglected by most MD's, but it is a major part of the immune system.
Operating correctly, it does many things NEEDED by us. First and foremost,
it supplies 80% of vitamin K. Vitamin K is the ingredient in the two
blood hormones - to clot or not to clot - that is the question. 70% of the
people reading this probably do not produce enough vitamin K, so, they are
lacking the "don't clot" hormone, as it has less priority than the "do
clot" one.

A correct gut working right provides the "intrinsic factor that makes
vitamin B12 available to the body. Women who have high blood pressure
almost always need B12, and should be taking either shots,sub lingual
(under tongue) tabs, or nasal sprays, and their blood pressure will be
lowered. (Sorry, guys, it doesn't seem to work for men, but niacin does).

A few years ago, I wrote a very lengthy article giving complete
instructions for lay persons (and moms) on these four therapies. It was
originally written for Autistic kids, but it is just as useful for any
mental problem, and will solve most of such problems better than all the
prescriptions used. Even if you think you're normal, I'll bet you can
benefit form it - My bet is the guarantee.
Download it at "www.drbate.com/content/integrated.shtml".

*Weekly Alternate Health Digest*
From Natural News:
Hospital workers call police to seize newborn baby, throw momma out of the
building, assault child with dangerous vaccines


War veterans are being drugged out of their minds these days, and it's
taking a toll on their sanity. Here's the latest news:


The cycle of stupid: How it is destroying humanity (and you)


Ventura County on raw milk rampage: After destroying Rawesome, other raw
milk operations now targeted


Pink slime factories shuttered after massive public backlash


More aspartame side effects revealed - headaches, blurred vision,
neurological symptoms and more


Michigan to begin killing black farm animals and arresting ranchers as
felons (NOT a joke, this is real...)

--- X

The lamestream media is currently pushing yet more quackery, claiming that
taking a daily aspirin can somehow prevent cancer. But they never tell you
about the safety risks and health warnings:



Activist websites say that Procter & Gamble is steeped in animal cruelty.
Here are the allegations against this massive consumer products company:


Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not
necessary to fight viruses


Beware dangerous new advice to use daily aspirin to prevent cancer


A hundred Trayvons a day - Why the real murder of blacks is carried out by
pharmaceutical companies, vaccines and cancer clinics


Did you know you can prevent memory loss by eating more berries?


Hilarious! The sugar industry is suing the high fructose corn syrup
industry over the claim that HFCS is "just like sugar." But it isn't,
actually. So who will win?


From Dr Mercola:
What Hospitals Won't Tell You - Vital Strategies that Could Save Your Life


Is This More-Dangerous-than-Aspartame Sweetener Hiding in Your Food?


How Factory Farmers Use the Media To Distort Reality and Make Them Look


Eating This Fatty Snack Can Protect Your Heart and More


Eating This Common Food Could Damage Your Kidneys


This Could Give Women Deadly Blood Clots - US Health Officials Admit


FDA Considering Making Many Drugs OTC


Tell Your Doctor: If You Don't Show Me This, You're Breaking the Law

From Alliance for Natural Health:
Are You Missing One of the Most Vital Ingredients in a Healthy Lifestyle?


FDA Wants $220M from Food Producers After Congress Already Said No


Superbug Lawsuit: Court Orders FDA to Do Its Job—After a 35-Year Delay!

From NewsMax Health
Turmeric Leads List of Foods That Thwart Alzheimer's


High-Dose Vitamin C Works Miracles for Brain Health


That's it for this week. Hope it helps you and yours to better health.
Please feel free to copy or pass on to others anything in this newsletter
if you think it will help them.

I am still looking for allergy sufferers that use epi pens for prevention
against killing allergies. Please ask any you know to contact me by email

Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist Inventor of NT
Therapy - An inexpensive, effective approach and "at home"
therapy solving ADD to autism, insomnia, depression etc
http://drbate.com - drbate@bellsouth.net

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