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Friday, January 11, 2013

[AlternativeAnswers] Homeopathic Remedies for Heart Diseases


Homeopathic remedies are effective in various heart diseases. It can give fast symptomatic relief in heart disease, ranging from hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and cardiac arrhythmias. It is safe, natural, has effective products and procedures, with almost no side effects, and no potential for addiction.

Homeopathic Medicines for heart diseases: Homeopathy has role in prevention of heart disease and in the management of patients after heart attack. Homoeopathic medicines can control and prevent various causes of heart attack like increased cholesterol, high blood pressure. It has no role in the management of a patient with acute heart attack.

Treatment of high cholesterol
Treatment of high cholesterol can control atherosclerosis which causes blockade of the arteries of the heart and heart attack.
•Sumbul, Strophanthus, Strontium Carb are effective for lowering of blood cholesterol. A few homeopathic remedies are known to decrease the cholesterol deposit from heart vessels. These include Crataegus oxyacantha, Aurum Metallicum, Baryta Carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonicum
•Along with the homeopathic remedies diet modification and control, and physical exercise should be also done. Any change in the remedy is usually done after test of blood cholesterol. The remedy is usually reduced gradually depending on the response to treatment. The medicine is usually selected based on the symptoms and is individualized.

Treatment of hypertension: In patients with hypertension the remedy is selected based on whether the patient has taken allopathic treatment or not.
•Some of the drugs for treatment of hypertension include Aurum metallicum [Aur Met], Belladona, Calcarea carbonica, Glonoine, Lachesis, Natrum muriaticum, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, and Plumbum metallicum.
•In patients who have used allopathic medicines like beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors for prolonged period the control of hypertension with homeopathic remedies is usually difficult. In patients who have taken allopathic drugs for treatment of hypertension some drugs for the heart (like Rauwolfia, Allium sativa, Passiflora, B.mur, Adrenaline, Belladonna, Glonoine, Gelsimium, Pituitary, Adonis etc.) are also given.
•Besides the drugs given for treatment of hypertension your doctor will usually advise reducing weight if you are obsess, a low calorie diet exercise and avoidance of cigarette smoking, mental stress.

Caution with homeopathic remedies

If you on regular homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure, or high cholesterol you will need regular follow up with your homeopath physician. If you are taking allopathic medicines along with homeopathic treatment inform both your doctors about it. Do not discontinue or adjust allopathic medications without consulting your physician. Treatment of acute heart attack with homeopathic medicines is not recommended. You will need treatment with allopathic medicines if you have a heart attack.

Homeopathic medicines in patients with heart disease offer potential curative solutions, with rare or no side effects, no potential for addiction, and seldom negative drug interactions. These remedies benefit your entire system and move you into a higher state of wellness and often reduce the need for allopathic medications.

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