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Sunday, January 6, 2013

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's newsletter 1/6/13 - More on Reversing Aging


More on Reversing Aging Factors

Not having a "traditional psychology or other "medical training", I have
been working and studying on how to help get rid of my patients. Most
other "doctors" of whatever stripe or degree try to keep them coming back.
That's where the money is. Big Pharma helps do this, as no "cure" of any
physical or mental disease is available from Big Pharma. In fact, Big
Pharma works very hard and pays a lot of bribes to many "officials" in
government and even 'OUR" representatives in The Senate and House
to either hide such "cures", or to hire some "whore" MD's to write phoney
research about how they don't work. I have some quotations following this
editorial that cover this point.

Because I was concentrating on helping more people get well, I got into the
Orthomolecular Society 30 plus years ago, and spent a lot of time studying
and researching those "treatments". Because I learned many useful
nutritional things that seemed to help the human body, I, of course,
started to include much into my own diet. The two most important basic
facts (unknown in large part by most MD's) was the discovery of ascorbic
acid vitamin C, and the basic digestion system. These two have made
dramatic improvements in my health, and as a matter of fact, have been a
major part of my own age reversal. The two other major parts are how the
absorptions of toxic minerals causes stress on the body and minds of us
all. Add to that the ability to change brain wave volume in the human
brain and you have my four part "integrated therapy".

In 2004, I first discovered a subliminal therapy that worked on the
"unconscious" (or subconscious) mind to do what the very effective (and
very expensive EEG biofeedback (or as is known now - Neurofeedback). While
it is very effective, it is also very expensive, and truly is only for the
wealthy Why? I is done by "doctors, and "doctor time" is very
expensive. As a fair comparison - NFB used to get a schoolchild with
ADD/ADHD to sit still in class, concentrate, learn easily, raise grades
scores by one or two levels, and see an IQ raise of 10-15 points costs an
average of $6000 for some 60 sessions of NFB. Using my Neuroliminal
Training for 60 nights (or many more) while sleeping costs a total of
$147. The costs for autism oar, of course over 200 hours with NFB, and
still only $147 for NT. And NT is guaranteed - No NFB is to my

I've been so wrapped up in helping families with add-Autism, depression,
schizophrenia, the I really hadn't looked into age reversal, but I had
noticed my own changes for;the better. First of all, I am a VA patient,
and I was on a dozen pills a day or so. 5-6 years ago, I cut out almost
all of them except the diabetes. Every other health problem disappeared,
including 4 KNOWN allergies that kinda crippled me it I encountered them.
They included rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, bursitis, hay fever, and
over weight. Of course, I was using my own NT CD's as I changed and
improved them. ( I didn't know that my NT actually seems to cure any
allergy with time. My overweight problem was due to wheat allergy. (In
2000, when I first learned about EEG biofeedback, I theorized to Dr Von
Hilsheimer that EEG BF training had an effect on allergies - my research
since then has shown this clearly.

Let's add another health fact to the above: Stress is a huge aging factor,
and none of us is without it. Meditation, hypnosis, EEG biofeedback (NFB)
all help in some way we don't completely understand to modify some of this
stress, part6icularly allergy stress. Because NT is done using a
subliminal technique on a simple CD while you sleep, it is simple to add in
additional "scripts" that also work to lower stress levels, and this is

An example here - I've managed to "cure" my atrial fibrillation by simply
adding a metronome beat to one of my Special NT CD's, and played all night
for a few weeks,
and Lo and Behold, my pulse rate is a steady 70, and my blood pressure is
120/70 (more than a bit unusual for an 85 year old male).

I recently received a very interesting letter. It tried to explain "cell
degeneration" Cells live, get damaged and die. But, we know now about how
to prevent this cell degeneration. They propose 3 steps to stop cell
1. To stop this we need to stop the formation of Abnormal Aspartyls.
2, Our body must produce more PIMT enzyme
3. If our body produces enough PIMT, our cells stop degenerating.

All of this makes pretty good sense to me. (This company is Cellular Life
Research Center in St Petersburg FL. Phone number 855-365-1012. I have
no interest in this company personally, but if I take their information,
the least I can do is give their information)

Now, here's my theory. By doing what my 4 integrated therapies do, we also
generate more PIMT, and make the body more efficient. Is that at least
part of the answer to how NT works its' miracles? I don't know, and no one
at our present level of scientific knowledge of how the unconscious mind
word works can know. What I do know is that I am not even close to my
chronological age anymore, and the VA and many of my friends and
acquaintances agree with me.

What I do know:

The only "patent" medicine (prescription) I currently take is for diabetes
- nothing else at this point. My atrial fib is gone, my high blood
pressure is gone, I get no colds, and no infections or virus of any kind.
My weight is now 185 - formerly at 270. I can eat anything and it doesn't
go up.

At 40 I had a chest x-ray which showed emphysema, and quit, but I couldn't
run a city block. Now, 45 years later, I can run 2 or 3 city blocks. I
had prostate cancer that left me totally without erections. In the last
two years using the Special NT CD, at least partial erections are back, and
my sexual interest is increased dramatically.

Some of the many testimonials I receive state similar "impossible" things.
It is obvious that the "unconscious mind" can do much more in health than
we have thought.

The lengthy 4 part Integrated therapy article is free to download at:

It works!
Here are some very true quotes from my Bio/chem friend Craig Olsen:

"Whether it be
the most ancient Hippocrates or the more recent Hoffer, the vignettes
repeatedly reflect the wisdom of Schopenhauerā€™s
observation that new thought and new truths most often go through three
stages. First, they are ridiculed.
Next, they are violently opposed. Then, finally, they are accepted as being
self-evident." (1)
(Hugh Riordan, M.D.)
*Hoffer (Psychiatrist)*

"Few people realize that psychiatric nomenclature is of very little value
since there is almost no relationship between the diagnosis and the
treatment." Hoffer (1)

"Orthomolecular treatment does not lend itself to rapid drug-like control
of symptoms, but patients get well to a degree not seen by tranquilizer
therapists who believe orthomolecular therapists are prone to exaggeration.
Those who've seen the results are astonished."

---Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

"I have seen schools feed bright red "Slush Puppies" to 7 year olds for
lunch and I have seen children vomit up a desk-top full of red crud
afterwards. And, I have seen those same children later line up at the
school nurse for hyperactivity drugs." Dr. Andrew Saul (2)
"According to peer-reviewed research, conventional chemotherapy contributes
only 2*.*1% to five year cancer survival in the USA (Morgan, Ward and
Barton. Clinical Oncology, 2004. 16:549-560)." Saul (2)

"I've seen better ingredients in dog food than in the average school or
hospital lunch." Saul (2)
"I have seen hospital patients allowed to go two weeks without a bowel
movement." Saul (2)

*"It's supposed to be a secret, but I'll tell you anyway. We doctors do
nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within." *Albert Schweitzer,


*Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you.
Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live
a happy life and how to work for a better world. *
Linus Pauling, in *How to Live Longer and Feel Better,* p. 274
*Alternate Health Weekly news Digest*

*From Natural News*:
97% of children hit with mumps outbreak were already vaccinated against

http://www.naturalnews.com/ 038554_mumps_outbreaks_
New science says that 70% of double mastectomies are medically pointless
(and have no benefit):

http://www.naturalnews.com/ 038555_double_mastectomies_
Psychiatric hospital thugs hunt down, arrest innocent man on the street,
then drug him into submission in Australia

http://www.naturalnews.com/ 038526_psychiatric_hospital_
Breast cancer cells can return to normal, healthy function without using
dangerous drugs:

http://www.naturalnews.com/ 038525_breast_cancer_
The President of Gambia is opening an herbal AIDS treatment clinic, and
it's freaking out the rest of the "scientific" community which consists
almost entirely of Big Pharma sellouts:

http://www.naturalnews.com/ 038536_AIDS_cures_herbal_
Top Natural News health stories of 2012 - an interview with the Health

http://www.naturalnews.com/ 038503_health_news_2012_
Over the holidays, the FDA secretly approved genetically modified salmon:

*From Dr Mercola: *
New Technique Can Fix Sprained Ankles in Minutes, Not Weeks

http://fitness.mercola.com/ sites/fitness/archive/2013/01/
04/advanced-muscle- integration-technique.aspx?e_
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Probiotics Might Lessen Infant Skin Problems

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01/03/probiotics-lessen- eczema-risk.aspx?e_cid=
The Real Cause of Most Diseases (Fix This or You Could Be a Sitting Duck)

http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2013/
01/02/digestive-system-gut- flora.aspx?e_cid=20130102_DNL_
Amgen Agrees to Pay $762 Million in Drug Marketing Case

https://mail.google.com/mail/ u/0/?shva=1#label/Health+
Can You Name the Top Health Stories of 2012?

http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2013/
01/01/top-health-stories-of- 2012.aspx?e_cid=20130101_DNL_
Photographic Adventure Reveals the Frightening Deadness of Genetically
Engineered Corn Field

http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2013/
01/01/bees-dying-from- chemical-agriculture.aspx?e_
Two "Forbidden Foods" That Can Give You Instant Energy

http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2012/
Change Your Life by Changing Your Body Language

http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2012/
*From Easy Health Digest::*
Mind-Body Medicine: The Best Winter Wellness Care

http://easyhealthoptions.com/ alternative-medicine/mind-
Resistance Exercise: What Men Should Know

Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Sick This Winter

http://easyhealthoptions.com/ alternative-medicine/
Broken Heart? Insight Into The Pain

http://easyhealthoptions.com/ alternative-medicine/broken-
*From Newsmax Health:*
Early Treatment Key for Shingles, Plus Vitamins B12, C

http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/ dr_brownstein/Treat_Shingles_
*From Health & Wellness Today:*
https://mail.google.com/mail/ u/0/?shva=1#label/Health+
*From Dr Bate*
Well, the Holidays are over, and I certainly hope that you and yours had a
good time worth the money you spent. (Oh well, it's only money).

For those who actually have some money left, here's a SPECIAL for 10 days
only. Until the 12th of January - All NT CD's are 50% off list price
(73.50 each.) For this price, go the bottom PayPal icon at the very bottom
of the purchase page, and enter the name of the CD you want, and 73.50 as
the price.

Also note that PayPal is now offering a payment plan for purchases. I
haven't looked into it as yet, but perhaps it's the way for you.

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