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Saturday, January 19, 2013

[AlternativeAnswers] Cleansing The Mind


Good Morning!

Cleansing The Mind

Cleansing the mind is done to bring awareness to all that causes us limitations in thinking. The overthinking that is rooted in fear and deters us from living wholeheartedly, can be one of our biggest detriments. We can learn to free our minds from this imprisonment and create a focused and well balanced mind set.

The need to understand the power and place of our mind continues to intrigue all those who wish to grow. Mind Medicine is simply listening to how your heart speaks to your mind. This language is called intuition. Children are extremely intuitive and utilize this ability daily. As we grow older, it seems that we tend not to trust these feelings, images or concepts from our mind's eye. They almost seem odd, irrational or just something that is hard to believe. The art of tapping into the supersensory powers of your subconscious, is just another way of "paying attention"!

1. Start by maintaining an open-minded. Accept that there are somethings you may not understand. Allow yourself to "see" there are two sides to every story.

2. Have a non-judgmental attitude. Judgement is a destructive emotion. When left unchecked, unresolved or not under control, judgements can wash away the foundation of any insight and clarity.

3. Experience being experimental. Practice the art of listening to your hunches. Act upon them. If they are right, look at what seemed to be the reason behind it. Allow mistakes to happen.

4. Allow yourself to be playful. When we tap into our child-like curiosity we are less conscious what others think and are more in tandem with our free mind.

5. Give change an open pathway. Follow along with change as if you are playing a game. Follow along the pathway of change with curiosity, intrigue and the desire to learn it's lesson. Leave your resistance behind.

6. Invite daydreaming. Dream-like states are associated with the subconscious. Allow yourself to look into this window. Write down the images and symbols you recall.

7. Embrace the love of all places, people and things . Remind yourself that we live in each other's hearts and when we look at ourselves we see each other. When we love each other we love ourselves more.

8. Forgiving is the ultimate in acceptance of yourself and others. It revels a path to our true selves. Let there be no bumps in the road to "seeing".

9. Make positive affirmations or suggestions to yourself. This can clear the mind and open up your "inner dialogue".

10. Learn to understand an intuitive impulse . Your intuition can be sparked at any time. When it occurs, make note of the way it happens. What may have triggered it? Is there a physical action associated with it?

Tuning in to any energy is the ability to quiet the mind, allowing your inner self, or intuition, to perceive truth. By practicing this art, we develop a sensitivity toward inner information and the ability to condition our mind to listen on a much more subtle level. This developing can give us the ability to sense energy and actually perceive on an even more subconscious plane.

Techniques are vast and varied, all of which, can be used in calming and clearing the mind, therefore, achieving clearer perception. Include some of the following:

1. Candle Therapy: can be used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit. The candle's flame has always been a metaphor for the soul! It possesses a tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to take them to a very special place.

2. Dream Therapy: Some of mankind's greatest creations, ideas and inventions have all been attributed to the attempts of interpreting and understanding dreams. Visions of symbols, words, objects and people whom appear during sleep cycles can give us many messages.

4. Meditation: is a time-honored technique that can take you into infinite dimensions of consciousness. It is a simple effort that becomes effortless as we do it more and more. One major principle to meditation is the ability to completely quiet your mind.

5. Metaphysics: refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. "Beyond the physical". Therefore, a Metaphysician is one who seeks to discover what underlies everything.

6. Music Therapy: is a magical medium and a very powerful tool. Music can delight all the senses and inspire every fiber of our being. Music has the power to soothe and relax, bring us comfort and embracing joy! Music subtly bypasses the intellectual stimulus in the brain and moves directly to our subconscious.

7. Prayer: is the intention or affirmation through a conversation with the Divine. It is dialogue to a Universal power. Tuning into the Divine is really the ability to listen to our higher self. Prayer is bringing awareness to any situation before us.

8. Qi Qong: cultivates a sense of peace through stillness and movement. QiQong is one of the four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong is the most self initiating. QiQong is the mother of Chinese self healing and awareness.

9. Visualization: The power of visualization and guided imagery is one of our most powerful gifts! A healing tool we all have with in us - the "power of the mind!"

10. Yoga Therapy: and practicing yoga is associated with establishing harmony, equanimity, balance. Yoga is not mind over body. It is harmony between them. In yoga, the mind is used to perceive (diagnose) and guide (heal) the body.

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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