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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

File - reject letter.txt

When you requested to join CHAD, there were some requirements. If you did not meet those requirements, then your membership request was denied.

One or more of the reasons for rejections is listed below.

The main reason a membership is denied is a failure to return the completed survey. The survey is sent immediately upon the request to join. This is an automatic process handled by Yahoo. The survey must be returned within 48 hours or else the request will have to be made again. If the survey is returned without being completed, membership is denied. You MUST answer the questions.

All CHAD members must have a profile. If you request to join CHAD by email and you are using an email address not associated with a profile, your request will be denied. Logon to Yahoo and request to join from the website;
This will ensure your request is linked to your profile.

The first requirement for membership is to tell us why you want to join our group. If you just put 'Hi',good', or something similar, this does NOT tell us why you want to join.

'Hi' is used by spammers who want to join CHAD with the intention of spamming the Group.

We know you want to join or you wouldn't have requested to join. 'I want to join your group' does not tell us WHY you want to join. This is another tactic used by spammers.

Random letters or gibberish in the comment field will cause an immediate denial.

Comments such as 'I love you' will cause an immediate denial.

If you decide to request to join CHAD again, this time put a real reason in the Comments section.

This is a 'Family Friendly' group. If you have an inappropriate email address containing sexual terms or foul language, your request is immediately denied.

If a request has been submitted twice and the survey has not been returned, no more requests will be allowed.

For more information about joining a Yahoo Group, look at this web page:
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