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Friday, December 7, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] “The Golden Channel Panel”, FriNite, 7 – 9 p AZT, 7 December 2012



Join Andrew Aloha "Live"
in "The Golden Age Channel Panel"
with Neil Baker & Marcus Healing4InnerPeace

FriNite, 7 December 2012
From 7 – 9p AZT
On Spiritual Image Production's BlogTalkRadio
Talk with Angels, Saints, Masters and other Enlightened Beings on the
other side.

Neil Baker

Marcus Healing4InnerPeace

Join us @ http://lnk.ms/6wQwY <http://lnk.ms/6wQwY>

** BTR and Skype Users call (646) 716-4251

Or, conference call (712) 432-0075, access code 689328#

[Listen to Andrew Aloha with Spiritual Image Productions on
BlogTalkRadio] <http://lnk.ms/6wQwY>
(Click Button Here to Listen!)

Join Andrew Aloha "Live" for "The Golden Age Channel
Panel" as we connect with various Saints, Masters, Angels,
Enlightened Beings & others on the other side through individuals who
bring them forth as an extension of their essence. A panel of people
from all over the world will be channeling various beings such as Saint
Germain, Mother Gaia, Kuthumi, The Divine Mother of the Universe, The
Elohim, El Morya, Melchizedek, Jesus, The Elohim, The Christ
Consciousness and more. They will be answering questions concerning
2012, spirituality, reincarnation, etc. Talk to these beings directly,
in a sense of speaking, and ask them the questions you dare not ask
anyone else!

Join us, I bet you'll be glad you did.....awesome!

For more go to

** This show will be simulcast on www.blogtalkradio.com/belovenow
with Radio Show Host Marcus Healing4InnerPeace


Andrew Aloha

For More Visit Us @:

Friday, 21 December 2012

Light Stream Technologies


Mention Andrew Aloha and get a discount on your next visit to
www.sedona.hamptoninn.com <http://www.sedona.hamptoninn.com/>

LifeVantage's - Protandim: AntiAging Herbal Formula
Enroll Today!

A Big Aloha to the following for underwriting our show:

Revitalized Bio Genic Water @ www.revitalizedbiogenic.com

Born out of the Soviet space industry, Revitalized Water, the product of
30 years, and billions of dollars of Russian research is believed brings
about more the science of water together in one product than any other
water available today. The well-defined, perfect crystal shaped water
enables rapid absorption and usefulness by our cells. Thus, the
increased osmotic drive created by imprinting the water with a high
amplitude frequency that assists the cells with a healthier foundation
for nutrient uptake and release of toxins, speeds up the delivery of
nutrients into the cells and potentially increases your energy.

Neil Baker @ www.neilbakerpsychic.com <http://www.neilbakerpsychic.com/>

Neil tunes into your vibrational energy and translates it using his
talent as a gifted psychic. He believes that one must get to the core of
a specific issue in order to present understanding and course of action
to follow. He tunes into the content of your soul and evaluates it in
terms of past life events or present life circumstances. Or, whether
what's happening now is connected to a past life. From there, he
determines even deeper layers of information that reveal meanings behind
our present connections and their ultimate outcomes.

Devi Ward @ www.femininemergence.com <http://www.femininemergence.com/>

Devi Ward is an Authentic Tantra Educator. She is Founder of Feminine
Emergence & creator of Sacred Erotic Dance™, a Movement-Healing
modality that uses The 5 Core Pelvic Movements™, Authentic
Tantra™, & Sensual Dance to produce healing. She has been teaching
Sensual Empowerment classes, workshops, and private sessions since 2005.
She offers Soul-Song Coaching Programs & Authentic Tantra Education
while specializing in supporting women in using sensual awareness as a
vehicle for personal transformation, life-empowerment and spiritual

Lorae Lauritch @ www.femininewisdom.com <http://www.femininewisdom.com/>

Sacred Sexuality Educator Lorae Lauritch is a natural teacher who will
guide you on a journey that integrates both ancient Eastern esoteric
practices with discoveries in Western medicine & science. She has
developed a unique approach to healing and empowering others. She knows
her subject intimately. She listens mindfully and thoughtfully to each
individual, cultivating their life force to help discover their bliss.

Gary Krupa, CPA @ wwwgarykrupacpa.com <http://wwwgarykrupacpa.com/>

Do you need financial auditing, accounting or tax advice? Gary Krupa,
CPA, offers 25 years of diverse accounting services in Arizona,
California and New York. He offers services in accounting, bookkeeping,
payroll, computer technology, auditing, tax preparation, review and
planning, and business development. He assists clients through helping
them avoid paying heavy tax fines, reducing fees and tax liabilities,
taking advantage of hidden deductions, avoiding LLC startup
complications, and combing creative agreements with grants.

Nell Tomassen Reboh @ www.e-lxr.com <http://www.e-lxr.com/>

Certified as a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healer and Shamball Master
Teacher at the Shamballa School of Esoteric Sciences, Nell Tomassen
Reboh empowers you with hands-on, cognitive release work, group and
distant healings, channelings from Archangels and Intergalactic
Masters' of Light Space clearings for home, businesses, hospitals,
classrooms and court rooms. She works with Parenting Relationships, Gem
elixirs, Animal Communication and teaches Shamballa Multi-Dimentional
Healing and Master Teacher workshops.

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