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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Seasonal Healing and the Winter Solstice


Good Morning!

This Winter Solstice: December 21, 2012

In the northern hemisphere, the Winter solstice is the day of the
year (this year it is December 21) when the Sun is farthest south.
The winter solstice marks the first day of the winter season. The
declination of the Sun on the (northern) winter solstice is known as
the tropic of Capricorn (-23‹ 27').

Winter is the time for rest and to replenish. As an expression in nature, The Winter Solstice is the time to reflect on the power of our spiritual beliefs and the belief in the power of ourselves! As we look forward to the beginning of a New Year, we look at ways to resolve issues and create resolutions that will manifest change for the better, in ourselves.

As we near the end of a great cycle of time, on December 21, 2012 regardless of the events that transpire (end of the world, three days of darkness, reversal of the poles or alignment of the planets), we as a society, have made a collective global shift in consciousness and awareness toward the next evolution and hopefully a more positive future.

Ascending the Ladder of Consciousness

Ascension is the ultimate goal. It is the passage or transformation of the spirit. Ascension is the lifting up our soul to the next plane. What we strive for in life, we get as just reward in the end. If your goal is stay on a path of not knowing, not seeking or not growing then your lifefs end will reflect it.

If your path is filled with learning, growing and acquiring knowledge for the better good, then your lifefs end will be the culmination of a life well spent. Your final journey will reflect this.

This energy has the most intense electrochemical power. With this energy we have the gift and the possibilities that reach far beyond the physical plane. In using violet, it enhances spiritual power and creativity and is known as the color of the spirit. Violet is a combination of blue and red and helps to balance spiritual growth, universal love, encourages the flow of imagination and the integration of ideas and allows openness to divine wisdom, selflessness and speeds up natural healing.

Balancing the Crown Chakra

Sahasrara: 7th Chakra (Crown or Christ Consciousness Chakra): Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge This is the crown chakra that relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss. The color for this chakra is a mixture of Silver, Gold and White and Violet. It is the combination of All that Is and the Divine Connection. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. The silver is the feminine energy of creation, the gold is the masculine energy of creation, and the white/violet light is truth and clarity which give clear vision of the truth and protection.

When this chakra is open, you connect with the Godhead and the source of the White Light comes into your energy field. Physically, it governs the pineal gland, the upper brain and the right eye. Amethyst gems are helpful in activating this chakra when all is else is prepared. The symbol of this chakra is the Lotus.

Love and Our Spiritual Connection

Love is the avenue we need to walk to develop spiritual perception. When you make a conscious choice of loving more make sure your reason for doing so is not motivated by your personal emotional desires. Rather do so in order to assist in the activation of the divine flame of creative intelligence that lives within everyone. When you perceive the light within another, you are drawing on the strength of your own inner light to do so. This in turn ignites the creative flame within you and everyonefs life becomes enriched.

Many people today hold attachments to an outcome.

They have a plan with an expectation of what that plan will produce. If the expected results are not met frustration and disappointment set in. Understand that attachment to an outcome gives the ego power to control your life. You are prompted to try again and again to acquire the desired result. When we let go of our attachments to outcomes we surrender our ego to spirit and everything works out appropriately.

Spiritual perception is known and understood when we do for the joy of doing.

Joy awakens light and light transforms insecurities. This transformation awakens love the true quality of the soul. There are three basic levels in connecting with love. The mental, the emotional and the spiritual. Since all three bodies need to be operating with optimum efficiency for balance to be maintained we must energize all of these bodies equally. Each of these bodies has a contact point in which energies of a healing and balancing nature can pass most directly to each of these three levels.

The mind, in its essential vibration, is closest to the head of the human body.

The eyes and the ears are the entry points for energy intended to heal or help the mental facet of being. The eyes view that which they witness and perception is acquired. The ears are the principal receivers of the spoken word, which stimulates the mental faculties. What we take in, we process. Let it be positive.

Loving or unloving emotions are centered in the heart.

When a person has a heart attack the pain often extends along the arms. This indicates that both on a physical and emotional level the heart, arms and hands are linked. The contact point for the heart is the palms of the hands. The emotional connects the physical.

The human being also has a spiritual body and a physical level of experience.

He/she is in direct contact with the earth itself. The soles of the feet are the contact points for overall physical well- being. If you experience difficulties in the mental, emotional or physical parts of your being, spend a moment energizing the relevant contact point for that area.@Doing this daily, can make a difference in how you feel on all levels. This helps to free up the spirit.

Celebrations of the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is the time of the longest night and the shortest
day. As the darkness peaks the Solstice is a turning point. This is
the point of the highest Yin (cooling) energy as the nights grow
shorter and the days grow longer into Yang (warming) energy. The
cycle of dark wanes as the power of the Sun waxes.

Customs most associated with the Winter Solstice are festivals such
as Chinese New Year, St Lucy's Day, Saturnalia, the birth of the
Christ child, Hanukkah, New Years and the Twelfth Night. Stories all
deriving from the conflict between dark and light.

A Ritual of Light

On the longest, darkest day of the year, a ritual of light is an ever present reminder of the conflict, struggle and duality (yin/yang) of our lives. Using candles as therapy has been around for thousands of years, and has been practiced by nearly every religion. Candle therapy can be used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit. From ancient times to the present, Candles have lit our way through every transition! From celebrations and ceremonies to proclamations and processions! The candle's flame has always been a metaphor for
the soul! It possesses a tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to take them to a very special place.

A candle acts as a "self object". A self object is an object that is a
reflection of our self, a reflection upon which we can act. The candle reflects the spiritual and ethical changes we would like to bring about in ourselves. It burns as a reminder and symbol of our desires. Sometimes we have to hand our dreams over to a force more powerful than we are.

Working With Candle Energy

When working with candles, you can be as simplistic or as complicated as you would like to make it. I suggest that you always charge your candle before lighting it.

Sit in a quiet place hold the candle in your hands at heart level and visualize the area in your life you want charged (changed). This will personalize your connections with the candle and allow the needed energy to come to you in a more direct way. Begin by using a positive affirmation based on your specific situation.

You get as much out of a candle (or anything) as you put into it. You must create your own reality through the use of your energy, emotions and visualizations. What you wish to create may come immediately or it may take some time. Experience shows that results are only realized at the appropriate time (the Universal time, not your own)! This allows us a great lesson.

1. Any time you light a candle, always state your true intention and end with a positive affirmation.

2. Burn a candle based on the color you need.

3. Use the seven colors of the Chakra and light these candles to release the color into the room. The rainbow colors have an amazing healing power when lit all together.

4. Burn a candle for meditation. Sit in front of the candle and concentrate on the light.

5. Burn a candle that is made from herbs and essential oils. The power of herbs and scent are blended with the power of light to manifest a positive action.

6. Burn a candle to bring about clear change and affirmative thought. Transform your intentions into reality.

7. Different geometric shapes will alter and enhance the effects of color and scent. It involves understanding what particular geometric patterns can do by using that particular layout around an individual to heal. Meditating within the center of these configurations (a circle, square, triangle, for example) can heighten the entire experience! Place candles in one of these sacred shapes.
Place them on a table or alter to burn or place them on the floor or in your meditation space and sit inside the configuration. meditate on or within the geometric shape.

Candles can create any mood based on color and good intention. Utilize the power of light and wax OR create your own special winter solstice ritual to usher in the change of the season and reflect what this means to you.


Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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