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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: herpes virus remedies


--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, Bernard Ong <bernardong2000@...> wrote:
> Hi dr Lee,
> I have frienDs suffering from this condition. Can you please send your treatment DIRECTLY to my email bernardong2000@... .
> Many thanks in advance.
For the Herpes type 1 I read that Melissa oil works.
For the type 2, I found this email from another member in another essential oil group. I haven't tried this methods, these are only other people's testimony, so use your judgement and research. I use the Young Living oils because they are %100 therapeudic and pecticide free, and so far they worked well with my family's and kids issues. The email is copied below:

------------->Dear Amy and YLEOilers:
>The following is found in the EODR, 4th Edition, pages 450-451, Essential
Science Publishing (has a new name now, YL something, cannot remember the rest.
>The Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, is transmitted by sexual contact and results
in sores or lesions. Four to seven days after contact with an infected partner,
tingling, burning, or persistent itching usually heralds an outbreak. One or
two days later, small pimple like bumps appear over reddened skin. The itching
and tingling continue, and the pimples turn into painful blisters, which burst,
bleeding with a yellowish pus. Five to seven days after the first tingling
scabs form, and healing begins.
>Antiviral essential oils have generally been very effective in treating herpes
lesions and reducing their onset. Oils such as tea tree, melissa, and rosemary
have been successfully used for this purpose by Daniel Penoel, M.D. in his
clinical practice. A study at the University of Buenos Aires found that
sandalwood essential oil inhibited the replication of Herpes Simplex viruses 1
and 2.
>Those with herpes should avoid diets high in the amino acid L-arginine,
substituting instead L-lysine. Lysine retards the growth of the virus. Foods,
such as amaranth and plain yogurt are good sources of lysine.
>Ravansara, manuka, tea tree, melissa, L-lysine supplement.
>Other Single Oils: Sandalwood, blue cypress, cumin, rosemary
>Other Blends: Melrose, Thieves, Exodus II
>Herpes Blend #1 (topical)
> 4 drops manuka
> 2 drops tea tree
> 1 drop ravensara
>Herpes blend #2 (vaginal):
> 2 drops sage
> 4 drops manuka
> 3 drops ravensara
> 1 drop lavender
> Topical
> NEAT, apply Herpes blend #1 (above) on lesion as soon as it appears.
Apply 1-2 drops of neat oil 2-3 times daily, alternating between the above
herpes blend and Melrose each day.
> RAINDROP Technique, 1-2 treatments.
> Retention:
> TAMPON, for vaginal treatment of herpes, use Herpes blend #2 (above),
diluted 20:80 in tampon/pad application nightly. If tampon/pad stings after 5
minutes, remove and change dilution rate to 10:90.
> ImmuPro, Immune Time, Sulfurzyme, Super C Chewable,
> Topical Treatment: Thieves Antiseptic Spray


End of the email copied.
I hope they will be some relief to you.
I suggest you search more about Melissa as i read several testimonies about this oil and the herpes virus.

Neslihan C.C.
Independ YL Dist #1388018

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