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Monday, December 3, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's newsletter 12/2/12 - Digestion (The "Gut")


*Digestion and Good Health*

The editorial today is a repeat of one from a few years ago, It is worth
repeating as it is about a much neglected issue - the digestive system we
all have - often called the gut. It's not a "nice" subject, and is not
discussed much in "polite" society, but it's very critical to good health,
and needs much more attention.

At 83, I remember some things about my childhood. I was given a bath once
a week unless I got into a mud puddle or something like that. I didn't
smell bad during that week as I recall. Why not? I realized some time
back that I was kind of unique. A year or so ago, I had established a
really good balance of bacteria and yeast in my gut, and it did several
things that most people today don't have. Some of these are:

1. I can go several days without a bath even in the hot Florida summer.

2. With an upper dental plate of 5 teeth, I don't have bad breath
whether or not I've brushed that day, or even for a few days.

3. I take a lot of vitamin E, (6-800 IU daily) and that thins the blood
to some extent while it helps the heart and circulation. I bleed easily
when cut or scraped, but after a very short time, a clot forms, and it
starts to heal. (With taking 4000mg of vitamin C a day, I get no

4. Even with 4 months of grief and stress after my wife died, my
digestive system seems to be working much better than most.

Now, just what does the digestive system do to accomplish those things?

Recognize that the gut is completely separate from the rest of the body.
It contains bacteria that can kill if within the bloodstream. It is part
of the body like the hole in a doughnut is part of the doughnut.

Here are some of the things that this marvel does if it is well with the
right blend of bacteria and yeast/fungus.

1. The "right" bacteria is even in the mouth part of this system, and
it not only prevents bad odors, but actually prevents bacteria attacks on
the teeth, and cavities.

2. If the gut is not working correctly, the body has to get rid of
"poisons". It does this by pushing them out thru the skin, and that causes
body odor.

3. If the gut is correct, then it produces several items that are
necessary. One is the mysterious B12 transport system called "intrinsic
factor". With a poor gut system, the can lead to one form of anemia.

Another is much more important than is generally recognized. Vitamin K is
made in the gut. We get less than 20% from food or supplements. This is
the precursor to the two hormones that clot the blood, and stop the
clotting. (Most hormones come in twos that act in opposite directions,
sort of like the reins of a horse).

Years ago, I asked Abram Hoffer if there were anyway to get statistics on
percentage of heart attacks before and after the Flemings discovery of
penicillin. He had not considered my theory, and thought it likely that I
was right.

OK, now that you know a bit more about the gut, how do you fix yours? Not
too difficult, and not too expensive. Go to mywebsite, and scroll down the
Navigation (left side) to "digestion. Click on that, and that web page
explains part of the above, and how to get a well balanced gut. Beleive me
or not, good gut balance is well worthit, and should be a part of any
therapy for any disease.

What single thing is the worst in upsetting the gut balance?

Anitbiotics from the MD's and Big Pharma are all made from fungus or
yeast. Yeast and bacteria are enemies, and in the gut, the co-exist in
separate colonies. If an antibiotic is taken, it kills only bacteria, and
may strengthen the yeast. thus, the balance is upset, and if it goes far
enough, we have the disease called "Candida", which is yeast overgrowth in
the gut.

There is no question that antibiotics have saved many lives, but there
seems to be nothing that is all good in the world. Antibiotics are the
problem in today's culture.

The "natural" antibiotic is vitamin C, but some 65 million years ago, the
"primates", lost an enzyme that was needed to turn glucose (sugar) into
ascorbic acid which is vitamin C. Almost all animals except we primates
still have this enzyme, and make the vitamin C needed for most things
directly in their own bodies.

(Wow, with the sugar consumed in this culture today, we'd be pretty healthy
if we could get that enzyme back.)

Some years back, I stopped taking any antibiotics for anything, and started
taking 4000 mg of plain vitamin C a day. Now, there is little that can
destroy the gut balance, and that's the main reason why I have the symptoms
described above.
*Holistic, Orthomolecular, and Alternate Health Weekly Digest*
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*From Dr Bate:*
The new website is so simple to use that I'm having to switch to a single
Host instead of "shared" as is usual. There were over 1 million hits in
November. If you haven't checked it out for the multitude of free articles
on better health WITHOUT expensive and bad drugs from Big Pharma, you
should do so. Any comments on improving it are welcome.

Don't eat too much of the sweet stuff that's everywhere this season, and
enjoy the season. .

Please feel free to pass on this "digest" of the leading alternate Health
writers. It's free to all.

Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist (30 plus years)
Inventor of NT Therapy - An inexpensive, effective approach &
"at home" therapy for ADD- autism, insomnia, depression etc
http://drbate.com -

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