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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Making A Gift Basket


Good Morning!

Making A Gift Basket

Gift baskets are special baskets for special people when they are made with someone in mind. A gift basket works well all year long. For birthdays with birthday related items and birthday wrappings, for the Fourth of July with a patriotic theme and lots of red, white, and blue. What about Halloween? It's getting to be a huge holiday. There's a chance to really get creative with your gift basket. The choices are endless.

If you know an avid golfer, then choose golf related items. These could include: balls, tees, golf towel, shirt, golf club covers, and any other golf related items which will fit into the gift basket.

What about that gardener that you know. A nice gift basket of seeds, gardening tools, small flower pots, gloves. There are a lots of nice items to make a beautiful gift basket. Tie a big, flowered bow on it and and give it with pride.

Of course, Christmas is always a good time to make and give that special someone, whether it be husband, wife, mother, father, child, or friend, a gift basket that you make with him or her in mind. All you need to do is think about what his or her interests and likes are and start finding the items for the gift basket.

Maybe she is a tea drinker. Then put together a gift basket with flavored teas. There are lots of choices. Include a pretty tea cup and maybe some packets of sugar and cream. Put some pretty filler in the basket, include the items, tie a pretty bow on the gift basket, include a card, and it's done.

The same thing can be done for a coffee drinker. Make a gift basket with different coffees and hot chocolate mixes. But avoid chocolate and items that will melt. A favorite gift basket for bakers is muffin mixes and assorted packages of crackers in a handmade muffin or cracker basket.

Candle Gift Basket

This candle gift basket can be modified to use at any holiday but this is an example for Christmas candle gift baskets. This gift basket can start off with one focal candle. Try to find one that is very decorative. For Christmas that can mean santas, angels, candy canes, snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, and numerous others. Then pick out one scent and find various candles different sizes) to fill in the basket. Some favorite scents for the holiday season are pine, cranberry, gingerbread, cinnamon, and sugar cookies. There are many more out there that are related to Christmas but you can use any scent you want.

Cookie Gift Basket

What Christmas holiday would be complete without Christmas cookies? Christmas cookie gift baskets are an excellent way to give a little something special to friends and neighbors without being to expensive. The focal point of a Christmas cookie gift baskets is always decorated sugar cookies. You can have so much fun cutting them out and decorating them. Looking out for fun new cookie cutters or ways to decorate them is half the fun. Kids can get involved in the decorating too!! Use one recipe that you especially like to use as your base, then build around that.

Decorate the Tree Gift Basket

If you give a decorate the tree gift basket you will need to deliver it early. Some traditions decorate the tree on Christmas eve and celebrate the day of the kings. Here are some ideas for you to make your own. This is one of the easiest gift baskets to make because the possibilities are endless!! You can add ornaments, candles, a Christmas CD, some hot cocoa, candy canes, garland, bows, even some homemade Christmas cookies. Because of all the pretty colors they look so good when they are made up. One thing to include in your decorate the tree gift baskets is an ornament with the year on it. You can encourage them to pick out a special ornament each year so their tree begins to be filled with memories of past Christmas'. This is a great gift idea for young couples just starting out that may not have many decorations yet.

Twas the Night Before Christmas Basket

One of my all time favorite gift baskets that I have made is one that is for the whole family. It is especially fitting for a family that anticipates Santa's arrival!! This is such a simple basket to make and the whole family can enjoy it. Of course the main "ingredient" in this basket is a copy of "the night before Christmas" of course. Include enough hot chocolate and cookies for the whole family to enjoy while reading the story. Add in a candle or a pretty ornament if you find one that you feel fits the occasion. One other thing you can include is a pretty Christmas plate with Santa on it. That way if they want to they can leave Santa a cookie or two on it. Also include a couple bags of microwave popcorn into it as well, then decorate it with pretty ribbon and a bow. One added touch is on the card, write the name of everyone in the family. This adds more fun to the kids to see their own names on the card.

Angel Gift Basket

Need a unique Christmas gift basket idea? Why not send angel gift baskets. Angel gift baskets are pretty and can be enjoyed all year round actually. If you are making the gift baskets for Christmas gift giving you can use any central theme. Santas, candy canes, snowmen, whatever you like, Angels are a great idea for the fact that they are thought of at Christmas and are guardians for all times. You can find candles with almost any design and should be able to include one of those easily. Include an angel Christmas tree ornament as well as anything else that has to do with angels. You will find figurines, plaques, dolls, pictures, teacups, and stationary. Bake sugar cookies and add a dozen or so angel sugar cookies to the baskets. As you are doing your Christmas shopping be on the lookout for items for making gift baskets.

Bath Gift Basket

Everyone deserves a little pampering and you can make a friend feel special this Christmas holiday by giving them a bath gift basket. You can always find great bath products but this is especially true around the Christmas holidays. This makes it easy to make bath gift baskets. You can focus on one scent and build from there. Some of the items to put in your bath gift baskets are candles, bubble bath, soap, lotion, hand cream, foot cream, bath oil, loofahs, back brushes, the list is endless for what you can add to them. You can sometimes add a puzzle book or a good paperback to them.

Crystal Gift Basket

Crystals are a fun and brillant gift that can sparkle and awe inspire anyone you give it to. You can start with a beautiful crystal cluster or tall obelisk in the center. Add some crystal spheres, tumblestones, crystal hearts, crystal animals or any special gemstone you think your friend or family would like. You can string a beautiful crystal necklace at the top handle of the basket to drop down into the center.

Have fun making these gift basket ideas! Come up with your own themed basket. Yes, it is great to receive a gift, but you can have a good time creating your own, to give!!

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
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