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Monday, October 24, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Useful Blog Links For the OWS Movement From nutrientscure


Introduction: An Open Letter to the OWS Movement and other Revolutionaries worldwide.

Dear Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement:



I know the above IN A VERY PERSONAL SENSE.

I, Allen Darman, HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF BIG PHARMA SUPPRESSION VIA THEIR USE OF COMPUTER HACKERS for over FIVE YEARS, and "they" have been repeatedly trying to kill me for the last two (years).

I should have been dead "about a dozen times" since January 6, 2010. It is a miracle that I am still alive.

My work is being proactively suppressed due to the fact that I EITHER DISCOVERED, OR CO-DISCOVERED, NUMEROUS MENTAL HEALTH CURES.

My work is ALSO being proactively suppressed due to the fact that "I spread Alternative Medical Truth around too much on the Internet".

I often post the same blog material to DOZENS of Yahoo groups, and I have done so for years. This is part of "my mission to educate the public".

I am doing so (educating the public via the use of the Internet) without any commercial agenda whatsoever. I do not make one thin dime out of all this. (There are admittedly some Rare Exceptions here over the years.)

Now that I have solidly known for years that mental illnesses such as depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are complex malabsorptive/allergic/toxic/bad biological syndromes that can be corrected (cured!) via natural means, the general public in the United States is about to lose public access to the nutritional and natural supplements that can cure the same.

In case you did not know this, the FDA is CURRENTLY in the process of trying to (over)regulate all nutritional supplements that have come upon the free market since October 15, 1994. See http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/GuidanceDocuments/DietarySupplements/ucm257563.htm.

***Important note: If the above link does not work, simply Google search for Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues. In the first Yahoo group that I posted this blog to the above link was obviously and intentionally corrupted by hackers to not work.***

Once the FDA succeeds in their "secret agenda" to control key nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and FREE FORM AMINO ACIDS, NOT ONE COMPREHENSIVE NUTRITIONAL CURE depression or any other mental illness WILL EVER BE FOUND AGAIN. (My son Willy Darman and/or I "were the Original Finder(s)" of numerous "Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement Cures". Another word for "Finder" here is "Discoverer".)

If "We The People" somehow get lucky and stop the FDA this time (the fall of 2011), it will not matter.

It will not matter because Big Pharma and the FDA will try again and again until they succeed in doing what they intend to do in regard to taking powerful healing nutritional and natural supplements out of the general public's hands.

This situation saddens me. It saddens me because:

(1) I spent years trying to find the proper natural manner to cure depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Despite the fact that I succeeded "in spades" in achieving all four of these goals, my discoveries will become buried by Big Pharma (via their FDA puppets) changing the law.

(2) Via trial and error methodology, I became (and still am) the "Best Combiner in the World Supplement-Wise" in regard to achieving positive (and often profound) therapeutic results. This statement has been true since February 2000. (February 2000 was the date I began first taking fifty gram dosages of balanced Free Form Amino Acids on a daily basis, and combining them with vitamin, mineral, and other needed cofactors.)

Once the FDA restricts our supplements, none of the above matters any more, as I will have lost access to much of what I need (in order to combine supplements properly).

(3) The fraud of drug oriented medicine is compromising the health of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. (It is not just ALL psychiatric medications that are a hoax. Cholesterol medications are a hoax, blood pressure medications are a hoax, acid reflux medications are a hoax, arthritis medications are a hoax, allergy medications are a hoax, asthma medications are a hoax, cancer (chemotherapy) medications are a hoax, diuretics are a hoax, heart medications are a hoax, antibiotics are a hoax, etc.)

(4) The fraud of drug oriented medicine is bankrupting the United States, if it has not done so already.

For the past handful of years I had hoped to do more for the world in regard to stopping the evil agenda of Big Pharma and their stooges in the FDA (and other governmental bodies). Unfortunately, I never found either enough willing collaborators or adequate fiscal means to prove what I know to be true about curing depression and mental illness before it became "legally too late".

I did what I could for these past twenty one months, while defending myself against an attempt to kill me again and again and again and again.

Now I can only pray that some greater power than I intervenes to help the human race.

Allen Darman

A List of Blogs That Are Useful To the OWS Movement

Note #1: There are some great and quite solid seeds of truth in the blogs listed below, despite the fact that many of them are either overdue for editing or upgrading, and/or are unfinished.

Note #2: Please understand that for years my housing situation has been very unstable, and/or I was quite literally on the run from Big Pharma's goons in an attempt to prolong my life. I am amazed that I made it this far, knowing full well that Big Pharma and I were essentially playing for all of the marbles for over a decade.

Note #3: If the world wants to find fault with me for not having finished the material below, or for not writing a cohesive and organized book, so be it. Please understand that I did my best at all times, despite great adversity on multiple fronts since August 2002, when my access to adequate fiscal means to (1) house myself, (2) afford a vehicle, and (3) afford to supplement myself at the same time ran out.

Note #4: A handful of blogs in the list below admittedly contain two copies.

To The World; Please Place a Watch on My Life Until November 1st (10/22/2011)


The above blog is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE At the moment, given what happened to me LAST NIGHT! (on 10/22/2011).

Repost: Two Persons That the OWS People's Movement Should Become Aware Of and Why (10/21/2011*)


Some Interesting Facts and Figures Regarding Health Care and Energy Costs (10/22/2011*)


Germane Words From The Declaration of Independence and Some Reasons Why (10/9/2011)


The above blog has easily found links to my son Willy's amazing ADHD/bipolar recovery story. This story, and what we learned, ended the medical model for a myriad of psychiatric illnesses (if the Truth ever becomes known).

Repost: A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found! (March 2009)


In truth, a real way to cure all mental illnesses, all or almost all degenerative illnesses, and many kinds of addictions has been found. All that needs to be worked out are perhaps a few relatively minor details.

Repost: "Hearing Voices" Remission Within Hours From Supplement Use (March 2009)


Repost: Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)


The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured (10/4/2011)


The above blog has links to almost seventy other blogs that I have written over the years. (Some of these blogs are finished. Many are admittedly not. This list will become upgraded and more organized over time.)

A Letter From the Publisher of the Townsend Letter (10/16/2011)


The above blog is in regard to the current and very serious threat posed by the FDA for all supplements that have come on the market since Octoboer 15, 1994.

FDA Trying To Control All Nutritional Supplements By Labeling Them "Drugs" (2007)


The above blog is in regard to the FDA showing their true intent in 2007 in regard to restricting the general public's access to healing nutritional supplements.

All Therapeutic Supplements Banned In EU in April 2011 (2-18-2011)


The above blog relates to Big Pharma's goal to take healing nutritional supplements away from the general public worldwide.

Cambridge Who's Who And A Synopsis Of My Situation (October 2010)


Seven Persons That Redefined Healing For The World (11-4-2010)


The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius (2010)

http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/the-story-of-darman-mfg-company-2010/To The World; Please Place a Watch on My Life Until November 1st (10/22/2011)/

The above blog is a "resume of sorts".

FDA Trying To Control All Nutritional Supplements By Labeling Them "Drugs" (2007)


All Therapeutic Supplements Banned In EU in April 2011 (2-18-2011)


Will The American Public Win The Race Against Big Pharma? (3-28-2011)


Willy's Baggie Idea Dooms Big Pharma Unless… (8-24-2011)


A Testimonial to Dr. Sherry Rogers


Adelle Davis; a true pioneer (September 2007)


Is it possible that key knowledge known by Robert Erdmann over 20 years ago got lost? (7/9/2009)


A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer (5-21-2010)


This last blog ended with the following two paragraphs:

"As of this day, Friday May 21, 2010 it is known that ALL MENTAL ILLNESSES CAN BE READILY CURED VIA NATURAL MEANS, every single one.

Mr. Robert Beck, my hat is off to you. I felt honored to be in the presence of your greatness these past two nights. I love you dearly for what you did."

An Introduction To Alternative Medicine For Psychiatric Conditions (2005)


The Five Fundamental Rules To Correct All Mental Illness (8/30/2011)


Note: The above blog contains universal Truths. Universal Truths are Truths that are applicable to the entire human race.

Governmental vs. Alternative Medicine; It Is Time For Change (8-17-2010)


Suppression Of Great Truth Is The Norm It Seems (8-30-2010)


Much of the above blog is Gary Vesperman's material in regard to the suppression of numerous "free energy" discoveries by our government and the powers-that-be. This man is a real hero in my eyes. I cannot thank Gary Vesperman enough for writing what he did.

In November 1997 I Got Angry (9/23/2011)


My First Website on the Internet (August 2001)


An old speech draft on bipolar; still a worthy read (2002)


Malabsorption Underlies Mental Illness (9/23/2011)


Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)


Hidden food allergies and bipolar disorder (2003)


The Best Book On Food Allergies I Ever Read (9/23/2011)


My Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004


Two egroup posts on inhibitory nutrients written in 2003


Taurine and other inhibitory nutrients


An egroup post I wrote in 2005 on sleep


Repost: How I Slowed My Brain Down and Got Off Sleep Medication (9/29/2010)


The "nutrient equivalent" of lithium for me


Autism and Probiotics Proven to Be Linked!! (September 2006)


Probiotics and Their Effect on All Mental Illness (September 2006)


The End of Antibiotics (2008)


My son Willy's original ADHD/bipolar! recovery story (June 2006)


Willy's Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story (August 2007)


An Update Regarding Willy's Amazing Recovery (June 2009)

A before picture of Willy at 10.5 years of age, and an after picture of Willy at 17.5 year of age, can be found on http://my.opera.com/nutrientscure/blog/an-update-regarding-willys-amazing-recovery. In regard to overcoming ADHD and manic depression naturally Willy has set a course to follow for the entire world.

Doctors Helped Cause Willy's Sickness (2007)


Lessons I Taught Willy #1; Self-Empowerment (March 2007)


Lessons I Taught Willy #2; Don't Trust The Doctors Or The Drug Companies, and Why


Lessons I Taught Willy #3; How To Cure Yourself of ADHD or Bipolar Disorder; "The Big Picture"


Lessons I Taught Willy #4; Can You Use Just Food And Not Supplements To Get Well?


A Very Important Blog Under Construction: Malabsorption and Its Relationship to Mental Illness


Willy's Original Baggie Ingredient List (12/2006; amended 8/26/2011)


A more detailed explanation of Willy's Original Baggie (February 2007)


Willy's Baggie Wisdom on YouTube; the end of Big Pharma or me (August 2008)


Willy's Baggie II; a major improvement


Willy's Baggie III; a further improvement


An Overview of Willy's Baggie I, II, and III (March 2010)


The Truehope Supplement, the Equilib Supplement, Willy, and Big Pharma (7-9-2009)


Willy, Equilib (or Truehope), and Situps


The Neurotransmitter Precursor Group of Nutrients in Willy's Baggie; and their cost


Note: The blog above is an old one from Yahoo 360, a blogging platform that was closed years ago. As such, it contains a number of obsolete links, ones that I do not have time at the moment to change. All of the blogs referred to in this blog were transferred to my Nutrientscure WordPress site years ago.

Willy's Baggies vs. All One Nutrient Formula Or Protein Powders (3/12/2010)


Willy's Baggies and Malabsorption (March 2010)


The Blog on Depression That Willy's Baggie Came From (8-26-2011)


Repost: The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once (February 2007)


Introducing the Concept of an Educational Healing House (2006)


What A Harvard Educated Psychiatrist-To-Be Said About Willy's Baggies (2009)


Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)


One of Willy's "baggies" of supplements… Wow! (September 2006)


An Anecdotal Case; Depression Resolved in One Day (2007)


Willy's Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution of Depression


The Proper Chemical Answer For Depression Has Been Found 10-31-2010


An Email I Sent A Bipolar Researcher in February 2004 (3-27-2011)


A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found! (March 2009)


"Hearing Voices" Remission Within Hours From Supplement Use (March 2009)


Bentonite, Depression, and How The Gut May Work (2004/2005)


Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off (August 2006)


Vitamin C; titrating to bowel tolerance for candida and many other things (June 2009)


Fame Dont Mean Beans To Me (3-30-2011)


The Ten Blogs That Bury Big Pharma (10-28-2010)


Please Get The Value of Martyrdom Out of Me (8-6-2011)



***Important Note: ALL of my written material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may send my written material via any means to any other person or party that they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Allen Darman***

A word to the wise: Big Pharma's hackers have known virtually ALL of my computer passwords for years. When they finally succeed in killing me, it is extremely likely that many of my blogs on the Internet will become intentionally corrupted with errors and/or intentionally erased. The healing truths that I am promoting doom Big Pharma's myriad of lies, and they desire to get rid of these truths from the Internet as soon as they possibly can. It would be wise for at least some persons to laser print out all of the above blogs, and set them aside in a safe place. You know who you are.

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