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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] I Am Not Going To Be Dead I Think Because...


Dear Friends:

The principle of "They don't want to make a Martyr out of me" because it will cost them too much, as well as hasten their demise via the OWS Movement's Awareness of my written work, is protecting me I think.

Are the powers-that-be (Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Food, Big Healthcare, our own Federal Government, etc.) going to PUBLICLY EXECUTE me in front of tens of thousands of people that are aware of my plight (and BELIEVE ME) on the Internet?

I THINK NOT. It would not be in their best interest to do so, because it would inevitably Spark Much More Revolution on the Streets Worldwide.

My death tonight would also give the OWS Movement "THE AMMUNITION THAT IT NEEDS TO WIN AND SOON".

"Their Fear of My Martyrdom" is all the protection I have at the moment besides the three other guys that live on my floor.

I sure wish I had two Church People outside in a car drinking coffee, doing the job that the FBI and the Utica Police are supposed to be doing. If anyone on the Internet knows a way to make this happen, I would love your ideas and/or knowledge. My phone number is 315-790-3645. I will be up ALL NIGHT, being my own Night Watchman.

I sure could use God In My Corner tonight in the form of a parked car, two people, and coffee between the hours of 2:30 AM to 7 or 8 AM guarding me, just in case. (Whatever Church does this gets Famous, we all do. History is being made tonight!!!)


Let us pray I live another ten days.

And let us pray I live through the night.

"Their fear of my Martyrdom is hopefully going to mean I am going to be OK for tonight at least.

And by tomorrow my Fame should protect me for another nine more days…

The World Is Going To Change For The Better in ten days I think… due to the Power of The Internet to rather immediately and WIDELY SPREAD THE TRUTH.

I am deeply grateful to God for all this.

Incidentally, I think of myself as "nobody special". We are all equals in the Eyes of the Lord. I never valued or sought Fame. "Fame Dont Mean Beans To Me" is an unfinished blog that I wrote in Phoenix just before they repeatedly tried to kill me in early April.

If you want to see this blog, rather than me providing a clickable link to it here, I am going to teach an Important Computer Lesson on regard to finding it. (This is being done to empower with knowledge those persons that still do not know how perform a Simple Linking Search on Google or some other Search Engine.)

Just Google the title Fame Dont Mean Beans To Me without the apostrophe in Dont, and put the word WordPress or the words Allen Darman after it with a space in-between. (In other words, "perform a simple linking search" to find it. WordPress blog titles are reliably found 100% of the time via a Simple Linking Google Search.)

We should ALL be grateful to God I lived long enough to Go Viral on the Internet, and therefore become Inevitably Famous, and "Famous Quite Soon:" too.

"Thank God For the Power of the Internet". (That is the titled of my next blog.)



The previous blog to this one was:

Repost Again: Many of My Nutrientscure WordPress Blogs Are In The Process of Going Viral on the Internet!!! (10/24/2011)


The above blog represents Solid Proof that I am going to be Famous Soon (and for a number of Good Causes, not just my own).

The fact I am being blocked by Mafia phone hackers from reaching the FBI in Washington, D.C. was (and is) a bit alarming to say the least. The above blog explains this and MUCH MORE too.

***A Final note: This blog was intentionally corrupted in two places by Mafia hackers to defeat its purpose. One place was a change from 2:30 AM to 3:30 AM. I changed this time back to 2:30. No, I did not make a typo. The number was "changed".)

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