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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] An Upgrade to my prior post


Please Help Spread The Truth On The Internet They Cannot Kill Us All (10/24/2011)

by Allen Darman (This material has NO Copyright, it is the World's to do with as it wishes.)

I Am Calling On the OWS Movement, All Truth Freedom Fighters, All Health Freedom Fighters, All Energy Invention Suppression Freedom Fighters, All Bob Beck Freedom Fighters, All Rife Freedom Fighters, All MMS Freedom Fighters, AND All Marijuana Freedom Fighters To Help Spread The Truth On The Internet Over The Next ***Critical Three Days***.

They Cannot Kill Us All.

If the parties named above "do this Spreading of the Truth" on the Internet ***SIMULTANEOUSLY*** at Six AM or Noon or Six PM or Midnight E.S.T. every day for the next three days no one carries that great a risk as "there are far too many of us to kill us all".)

My blogs Are Going To Inevitably Go "Internet Viral", and I Am Going To Inevitably Become "Internet Famous"… or I am going to be Dead Within A Matter of Hours.

My recent blogs on http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/ "prove this", and they do so without a doubt.

History is being made tonight. And I am making it at the risk of death to do so.

For all those persons that are Publishing Written Material on the Internet in the Alternative News Arena, feel free to Print An Article in regard to the below material (and what you see on my website) if you like.

All Alternative News Sites, AS WELL AS EVERY WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET, have my blanket permission forever to print anything I have either written, or will write in the future, without asking me to do so. (Please don't ask unless you feel you have to for some reason, as "your not asking saves me valuable Internet time".)

I don't have the time to submit this material through the proper channels tonight. (Please forgive me that I lack the time to submit an article in a regular fashion to ANY Internet Publication Website tonight.)

Every minute counts tonight.

I wish to Thank Any And All You in advance for helping my story go Viral on the Internet.

I am fairly SURE you will Web Publish an Article on my situation if you look at it.

Here is the gist of what is happening:

Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Food, Big Healthcare, and our Federal Government are all "toast", especially when the OWS Movement gets a hold of this material.

Even Five Minutes of reading my latest blogs on WordPress and ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH THE POWER OF THE INTERNET WILL KNOW that I am telling the Truth.

Perhaps the above may take someone a few minutes more if he or she is "a slow reader".

I got Famous tonight (whether I remain alive or not).

I am going to help the entire World with this fame in short order.

Broad based Free Form Amino Acids, Willy's Baggie, my gut knowledge, the proper manner to chemically cure a myraid of mental, degenerative, and addictive illnesses, Bob Beck's WISDOM and cure for cancer and AIDS. Gary Vesperman's GREAT COMPILATION OF ENERGY INVENTION SUPPRESSION, 95 Energy Invention Suppression Events, Mike Adams! of NaturalNews.com and NaturalNewsTV.com, David Wolfe (Mike Adam's raw food friend), Stan Meyer's WATER POWERED CAR, Royal Raymond Rife's CURE FOR CANCER AND HIS INCREDIBLE GENIUS, Jim Humble and MMS, Sherry Rogers's WISDOM, Priscilla Slagle's WISDOM, Bernard Jensen's WISDOM, Adelle Davis's WISDOM, Alyce Sorokie's WISDOM, Robert Erdmann's WISDOM, Jack Herer's 420 WISDOM, the Marijuana Freedom Cause, and many other Good People And Good Causes are going to be Discovered by the World!!! in a Big Way Via ***The Power of ***Going Viral*** On The Internet***.

Or these Good People and Good Causes will get discovered/famous in a matter of a handful of days.

The Power of the Internet and my inevitable Fame (alive or dead) has assured this.

It is going to be "sell drug stock short time very soon" for sure.

For those who feel that talking to me is appropriate, my cell number is 215-790-3645. My sleeping hours are generally 8 AM until 2 pm or so, and I turn my phone off. I am up all night out of necessity to be my own Night Watchman.

Allen Darman

Website of the action:


The last two blogs that were written tonight and posted to the above site is all that is needed to know the Truth.

The link for this blog is at:


***Important Note: The above blog is still being amended to make sure I got all the important names and important causes. I do not want to miss anyone or anything that is deserving of mention in this blog. Allen Darman***

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