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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts


The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition:

Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal & Planetary Renewal

An 18-month, five-weekend introductory apprenticeship

with Paula Givan and Garry Caudill

* Receive powerful wisdom teachings, healings, and ceremony,
* Experience initiation into Peruvian Shamanic art,
* Awaken to the power of the elemental forces,
* Discover a path of inner calling and transformation,
* Cultivate a relationship with unseen levels of guidance,
* And, so much more as each weekend builds upon the following

This apprenticeship program provides all with a re-membering of their
common destiny as luminous strands within the great web of life.

Weekend I The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past) March 15 - 17th, 2013
Weekend II A Balance of Power (Transforming the Present) July 26 - 28th
Weekend III The Condor's Quest (Creating the Future) Nov 1 - 2nd, 2013
Weekend IV The Hummingbird's Ascent (Living the Mystery) March 14 -
16th, 2014
Weekend V The Shamanic Self (Serving the Earth) August 22 - 24th, 2014

Cost is $290 per weekend, Contact Garry at aquilanegra48@yahoo.com or

Your THOTH trained and endorsed teachers:

Paula brings over 16 years of immersion studies with the Wisdom
Traditions of Peru along with 30 years of extensive travel in Latin
America to her heart felt sharing of the magic and mystery of the
Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.

Garry began to explore this path in 1998, he created a spiritual
practice to support his calling to live in harmony with our beloved
Earth Mother. After deep apprenticeship with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, and
many trips to Peru and the land of the Maya, he shares the Pachakuti
Mesa Tradition with great reverence and honor.

at The Caritas Spiritist Center

5723 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80303 * 303-449-3066


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