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Friday, February 15, 2013

[AlternativeAnswers] GMO


US farmers may stop planting GMOs after poor yields
Some US farmers are considering returning to conventional seed after
increased pest resistance and crop failures meant GM crops saw smaller yields
globally than their non-GM counterparts. Farmers in the USA pay about an
extra $100 per acre for GM seed, and many are questioning whether they will
continue to see benefits from using GMs

Viral Gene in Genetically Modified Foods Might Promote Diseases
Whenever critics of genetically modified (GM) plants warn that GM crops
are inserted with dangerous parts of a virus, biotech advocates rush in to
correct their "misunderstanding." We don't have to worry, they tell us. Only
a small portion of a plant virus is used in order to "turn on" the
accompanying gene. Called the promoter, it's like an on-switch. They say it's
completely harmless.
Roundup Harms Beneficial Gut Bacteria

A study by scientists at Leipzig University found that Roundup herbicide
negatively impacted the gastrointestinal bacteria of poultry tested in
vitro. The researchers found that highly pathogenic bacteria resisted Roundup,
whereas beneficial bacteria were moderately to highly susceptible to it. The
study provides a scientific basis to farmer reports of increased
gastrointestinal disease in animals fed GM Roundup Ready soy, which is tolerant to
The GMO Seed Cartel

The introduction of GM crops has corresponded with increasing
monopolization of seed by biotechnology companies and higher seed costs that have led
to tragedies in some countries, while pushing out conventional, non-GM
seeds, and reducing farmer seed choices. These impacts are being seen in the
United States, Brazil, India, the Philippines, and South Africa, and even
Europe, says Ken Roseboro in an article, "The GMO seed cartel".
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