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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recognising Your Heart Attack


Heart attack has become a leading cause of death in males worldwide. Most of us know that if someone clutches his chest and falls to the floor he probably has a heart attack. But all men do not have such an obvious indication on having a heart attack. Most men feel unwell and may take an aspirin and try to rest when experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.

Recognizing the Signs

•Chest pain: This is usually the first and most common symptom of heart attack in men.
•The pain is not always sharp or severe. It may be just a feeling of pressure, squeezing, heaviness, tightness or numbness that may spread to back or shoulders. The pain can come and go or the discomfort may persist.
•Abdominal pain: This is another common symptom in men experiencing a heart attack. Most people mistake it for indigestion or heartburn and may take a ranitidine or antacid for it.
•In some men the pain or discomfort from the chest may spread to arms, neck and back. Some people can have anxiety, sweating or loss of color in his skin.
•Some men can experience shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, weakness, lightheaded or nausea.
•During a heart attack some men can collapse and lose consciousness. They may not respond to your commands and questions. The heart beat may stop or the pulse may be very fast.

Recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack early is important to improve outcome and prevent death from it. If you are having chest discomfort or not feeling well contact your doctor.


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