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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair loss in women


I recently had a baby 10/5/2012 and am now losing my hair. This is my third child and knew I would lose a lot since I normally do. It thins for most women after pregnancy but mine seems to be very very thin at the 'bangs' area. I am only 32 and this worries me a lot because hair loss is common on my fathers side. Both my grandmother and aunt suffer from this. My thyroid was'under evaluation' but after an ultrasound everything came back fine- this was 2008 after my second child. I've had bloodwork since them and I'm WNL. I use two types of shampoo and one an all organic soap bar- meant to help with thinning hair and the other a natures gate aloe shampoo. I don't use any products in my hair but an occasional coconut oil. I don't apply heat or anything to my hair but say 6 times a year. So, long story short.... Does anyone know of supplements or even a miracle pill to help me!!! I take daily dha prenatal kelp and a probiotic. Thank you in advance!

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